Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zora the big sister

I wanted to chat with my sister today. Her father in law died the other day and she had a baby a few weeks ago, so I wanted to check in with her. The phone rang many many times & I got the answering machine, so I just started talking. I assumed that Alison was feeding new baby, Stella, so I just wanted her to know that I called to just check in...

Well, as I was just about ready to hang up, I hear this.... "Hello" I thought it was Alison.

Then I am told "This is Zora"

It sure was! So I started asking her questions. I have only talked on the phone with her once before and she didn't want to talk, so this was a totally new experience.

One of the first things Zora said to me was that she really liked the playdough that I sent to her & I told Zora that I had gotten some coloring pages in the mail from her and that they were on my fridge - she said that she was very happy I had them there.

I found out that Stella's eyes are still blue, brown, & black. (She's almost a month old now)

That Zora was making designs at the dining room table. I asked if she was making clothing designs, or designs that just went on paper and she interrupted and said - "I am making designs that will sit on the dining room table." I couldn't argue with that!

I asked if Stella can laugh and Zora said "She's still a newborn, so she doesn't laugh yet"

So I asked if Stella has smiled yet and Zora told me that she was just starting to smile.

I asked if she gets to hold the baby and she said that she got to hold Stella in the hospital! So I guess the answer is yes lol

I asked Zora to give a kiss to her Momma and Daddy and Stella for me and I hung up.

What a fun conversation. I'm so glad I called.

Thanks Zora!! I'm sure we will talk more in the future.

Have a great day!

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Denise said...

great conversation! She's growing up!