Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been thinking about mailboxes lately. We've got to purchase one for the Jupiter Ct. house.
I thought I'd look through my photos and see if I had any pictures of a mailbox. I found several.
I didn't realize that I was drawn to mailboxes so much. I always knew that I liked them, but not to this extent!
The condo where I live, we have a little kiosk of sorts that houses about a hundred small postal boxes. Everyone has a key to get into their box. There just isn't any fun in that. Remembering the key, fiddling with the lock, opening it up, fighting with the mail to get it out of the small little box.
Maybe I have gathered all these mailbox photos after we moved here, to the land of the unfriendly mailboxes. I have met a lot of neighbors at the mailbox though, so I like that part.
Jupiter Court needs just a single mailbox, out by the roadside. The mailman walks through the neighborhood so we could have a box at the door, but I think the trend is to get them all by the road.
My friend Bob is always on the lookout for a manatee mailbox when she comes to Florida. I included this shot just for you Bob!

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