Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a day so far

Sometimes a day just goes in a totally different direction than you had planned when you woke up in the morning. I don't mind those days - not all - well, unless it is a bad day, then of course I don't want that. However today is a good day & a lot of unexpected events and thoughts have raced through already and it isn't even 2pm yet.

I went to our rental condo to finish up the cleaning (it didn't happen) but I got nearly done. The carpet was pretty stained, so I put on a carpet cleaning product and it has to dry before I can vacuum it up again, so that is the delay at this moment. I'll vacuum it tomorrow morning. The rest of the place is tide-clean. It will be ready to rent tomorrow.

While I was there, the neighbors, also my tenants, got a call from the Mayo Clinic. They have him on stand-by for a possible lung transplant. Oh glory. This is his third or fourth call and all have been canceled before he even had a chance to go to the hospital. I do hope that this lung is keeper for him. He and his wife have been with me for 10 months so far. Before it is all over, they will be here for a year. Good tenants, but still, I'd like to see him transplanted and get to go home. That is the goal - Come and stay for a little while and then go home a healthier person. I spent quite a bit of time with them, helping them with a few things in case he did need to go to the hospital today.

Now I'm home, waiting for my phone to charge because it was on it's last second of fuel. I had lunch & read my email. My aunt just emailed to say that when she handwashes her dishes, she thinks of me! I love it. I really love that there are things about me that triggers a "Kristin Memory" in someone and they think of me. What is so cool about that, is that this happens to everyone. There isn't a moment that goes by that someone in this wide world isn't thinking about you. Is that just incredible! Thanks Marg for mentioning the dishwashing event...it is like a big Ah-ha moment.

I go through the people I know sometimes like a Rolodex file. Flipping through Highschool, college, the other college, the final college, events, family, parties, etc. I like to recall the fun stuff, the good conversations and the peoples faces. If I think about people and send out good thoughts to them, then I know that I am getting that from others. Those good vibes crisscrossing the globe. I can see it now. I think the thoughts I send are in a corkscrew pattern though - not a graceful arch. It makes for a fun visual.

Well, I'm off to IKEA again, time to pick up the sink that was out of stock when we went last week. I called and it is being held for me right now. I plan on having a great drive to Orlando & back. Tom is staying in town. He has doors to hang in the Springfield flip, he is picking out tile for the kitchen over there and someone needs to be in town in case our tenant does indeed get the call that the lung is his...and if they need anything one of us will be around for them.

Hope you have a great day!

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Denise said...

What a good, full, productive day! Golly, you guys are just flip flip flippin away!