Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tom and I went to Orlando recently to visit IKEA. Just to say Hi, how ya doin' ?

Actually, to purchase much needed items for the Jupiter house, as I have gone on and on about the past few weeks.

After a long day of shopping, my dear husband wanted some BBQ. He discovered this little spot on HWY 1 in Ormond Beach, FL. It is the new home of the Harley Davidson dealership & amusement park. Well, OK, not really an amusement park - but there is a pavilion , a few hotels, lots of little restaurants, and these sculptures of roosters in front of the BBQ place.

I loved these guys. I wanted to have one in my yard.
Today please.
Oh right, I live in a condo.

OK, so I took some pictures.
Aren't they cool?!

The BBQ was incredible, btw. They had diamond tread on the walls. I love diamond tread. Did I mention that the BBQ was incredible? Yes, yes it was.

So were the roosters.

Have a great day!

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"J" said...

My aunt would flip over ther!

Sounds like a fun day!!! =)