Friday, May 16, 2008

Commenting on Comments

My crazy (loveable, delightful, funny, crazy, crazy, crazy) friend spent an evening last week reading my blog and commenting on most of the posts. She is such a goof-ball. I thought I'd answer her all in one post. Just to be funny that way.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Planet Earth Video":
Hi, sweetie. The video is great. going to check out the secret website. on your way to orlando, maybe i can catch you?

Catch me if you can! I arrived back home without a Denise sighting, so I guess that means you never made it out of your state.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Jupiter's main bath":
Oh this is nice. I haven't gotten back to the desc of Jupiter Ct. yet, but my memory is that is is small, 1 story. Are the bath and kitchen next to each other (they usually are--why do they do that? Who wants to take a good u know what when suppers cooking?). What i meant to say is that it will be a great visual!

Oh goodness - you are totally hysterical. Yes, Jupiter is a small one story house - it is three bedrooms, two bathrooms. The bathrooms are right next to the kitchen but you cannot access the bathrooms through the kitchen, so not a problem there lol

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Fun Lighting":
that would be fun! would you let the occupants choose what to put in the lamp? what a kewl idea!

It would have been a cool idea, but I think it would have been too distracting for a staged house. People would be all caught up in the stuff in the light and not focus on the kitchen cabinets! LOL I would love to have this lamp. I would play with it all the time.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "The Kitchen":
You are becoming (or have you always been) the IKEA QUEEN! All is so lovely though, neat, simple, clean lines. I love it. Great job!

I have loved IKEA for many many years. I have just never lived near one. This has been my closest now - just 150 miles. I dream of having an organized, clean lines, no clutter, simple lifestyle and furniture. So maybe IKEA is just a way for me to live out my dream without actually having to go there LOL

Denise has left a new comment on your post "WFMW - Water":
Dang and the two things i had on my list for your for your birthday? A mini fountain, and a big ol' conch shell! Back to the drawing board!

Oh Lordy :0)

Denise has left a new comment on your post "IKEA":
No, Ike's not a good swedish name, is it. Rollin' Rollin, Rollin down the river!
Words like Ikea have a way of finding their path into webster. Maybe one day, we'll all say, see my new floor? IKEA'd!

"Why don't you just google that?" "I googled you."
I can see where IKEA could get into Websters, just like Google!
I just like to say the word though - IKEA! Sort of like Eureka! IKEA!

Denise has left a new comment on your post "New stuff!":
Not having worn a bra regularly since the 70s (yep, big as i am, i eschew them!), i've always wondered....
where do they wear out?
and if it's the front--can't they wait?
i'm so fresh!

I always break the underwire on my bras, that's how they wear out for me. Once the wire starts poking me, it's done.

You are quite fresh!

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Write Zoom":
Oh mi god. Where did THAT come from?
I saw the new bandaid commercial (i am stuck on Bandaid cause bandaid stuck on me) and they've changed it up and i get all discombobulated cause somebody's not singing the right words. It's like being in church, singing the doxology, and their singing different words. A discordance. But hey! that's wayyyy off topic here. (i couldn't figure out what the topic was!) Sorry!

You live in New England and you haven't heard of ZOOM? or were you wondering what got me to post the song (but you have heard it before?) Well, I sing the Zoom song fairly often. Somehow it got into my head about 40 years ago and never left.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Mocha's cat bed":
Um, Kristin, Mocha still looks pretty flat out to me! She is a cutie, isn't she?

She is!!! Gotta love the Mocha kitty.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Crayons":
Kirsten, i don't know if this is true, or just the imaginings of my little brain, but crayola came out with a whole LINE of flesh tones for our multicultural world, so flesh and Indian red (imagined color of indian skin) may have gone by the board at that time...just a thought.

To be politically correct, I do believe, they changed the names. Another friend of mine said she thought that Flesh became Peach and Indian Red became Chestnut. That is probably the case.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Buddy & Beverly":
You are a blessing, Kristen.
I know you were feeling some pain, so know that you are in my thoughts.

Thanks. Thanks so much.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "April links":
you were busy in april. I'm gonna dive in! i can't believe it has been that long since i talked to you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Denise has left a new comment on your post "WFMW - sleeping haven":
Thanks for the tip Kristen. Now my bed is only half full of junk rather than 3 quarters full! Ahhhhh...

How is that bed this week? Is it totally cleared off yet? huh? huh?

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Auctions":
Never did hear about the TV! did you fix it?

TV gone. It had lines through the picture, on every station. Even when it was unplugged from the cable. Not sure what to make of it. I had to buy them a new one. I hauled the broken one up to my condo though and it is in the living room as we speak. I think one of my contractors, Kenny, is going to take it and see if he can fix it or just keep it in his garage LOL

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Rice Salad":
OK i'm hooked, 6wbmo or nO! Thank you. What a great way to begin and end a wedding day, doing something extraordinarily ordinary.

It was. That's an interesting way to think about it - extraordinarily ordinary. I really should write about it one day, but I had a fantastic wedding. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfectly fabulous.

Denise has left a new comment on your post "Happy Birthday Zora!!":
Yaaayyyy! Happy Birthday, Big Sis!

She is such a doll that Zora.

Thanks for joining me on commenting on comments -- well, Denise's comments anyway LOL

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Denise said...

You are so funny! Thanks for he responses.

Lessee, the biggest thing is I have NO idea what Zoom is and i haven't googled it yet either. Will do that later today, LOL. OK, you knew i couldn't wait! i got more hits on Zoom than there were people in the US in 1990 (wonder where i got that little statistic), so nope, i don't even know what zoom is except FAST! Oh ZOOM the kids show--yeah i watched that occasionally, before i had kids (my kid wouldn't watch pbs after sesame street) and it went OFF the air (except for repeats) before i was 30, so i forgot...Senior river of forgetfulness caught me again. I keep forgetting you're a baby!

OK, this strikes me as very funny: when i type in ZOOM or zoom in google, the tv show is the first (most relevant) entry. Hmmm i'd think it would be the definition, oh wait, there it is next to the number of HITS for zoom on google... zooming on...

About crayola, if being politically correct (that has become such a negative, dirty word) means understanding that more than 80% of the world doesn't have "flesh" toned skin or that to name a crayon after some race's imagined skin color, i'm glad they made the change, AND to change them to things like peach and chestnut, rather than caucasian, African American, chinese--I'm sorta glad they went multicultural on us. But you know, it's hard to find those crayons in a separate box anymore--guess they desegregated!

The bed is at about 1/4. I've been listening to (and scaring myself half to death with) the SMART CDs, and now only the things i really need (toenail clippers, CD player, Photoshop elements textbook, 2 scrapbooking magazines, 3 months of Math Logic Puzzle books, 3 pencils, 2 notebooks, the remote, a box of tissues, a bottle of water, and oh yes, my feng shui book) still sleep with me...

About the TV, OK, why did you bring it to your living room? Why didn't you leave it in garage with the Tiki stuff (which you still have i bet)?

Would love to read about your wedding day someday...

OK, one more comment, then i'm outta here. I have been so busy--i know you have too. Don't know--wait, yes i do know--how you find time to do this so often...luv ya much. This was a funny post.