Monday, May 19, 2008

Travel plans

In my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days, I wrote down some vacation destinations that I have been wanting to see. I only picked a few places because this is afterall just 1001 days. I wanted the list to be very realistic in the goals. Here are the places I put down.

47. Travel to...Hawaii

48. ...France

49. ...England, Ireland, Scotland

50. ...Maywood, Nebraska

51. ...Chicago

52. ...Memphis with Bob

53. ...LasVegas

I thought the European destinations were going to be a real stretch, but I put them down because I want to go. I put my belief in the "Write it Down, Make it Happen" theory of the world (I love this book, by the way). It is also a part of the Law of Attraction, too - Ask, Believe, Receive.

About 6 weeks ago my Mother called to tell me that she was going to go to a reunion in Nebraska and would I like to come. Yes! I said jumping up and down, Yes! Her reunion is probably in Curtis, NE or North Platte, NE - both just a stones throw from Maywood. My Dad grew up in Maywood and I visited my grandplarents there for years and years. I still have cousins that live there and I just adore the countryside. I like to see what the houses look like now, from when I was a kid, too. Last time i was in Maywood was for my grandmothers funeral in 1995, so I am anxious to go back with a different attitude. So the Maywood, NE trip - entry #50 will be fulfilled this year... Write it down, make it happen.

About a month ago my Dad called us all and asked if we'd like to take a trip together - the whole family. Our name hails from the Isle of Man and has been a place all of us has wanted to go for many many years. This is the location my Dad wants us to go - The Isle of Man. That sounds an awful lot like Entry #49 - because chances are we will see more than just The Isle of Man. Write it down, make it happen.

Tom has been talking non-stop about going to Vegas. We like Vegas and haven't been in a few years, so this is pretty much a no brainer...but still, it is funny that all of a sudden he has got it into his head that he wants to go.

I keep working on my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days and I don't even realize it - how cool is that?!!

Have a Great Day!


"J" said...

You are really getting down on that list! =)


amyeile said...

Ok, I hope two posts don't make me a stalker. David's family hails from Isle of Man too. He has already been in 1998 but promised we could go back..and include Scotland this time. We had a great Irish honeymoon, but want to see more. Also, we are hoping for Hawaii this winter. I guess I should WRITE DOWN that my house in Lansing will finally sell and we can go!

ttelroc said...

Hey Amy! No, two comments do not make a stalker LOL I comment on this one womans blog every day, as well as a few hundred of her closests friends.

That is so cool about the Isle of Man & your husband. Funny how things get connected.

When we had our house in Daytona - I had a post-it on the kitchen cabinet that said "Our house will sell quickly at a great price" Well, it took 9 months, but I said that every day. It might have been the great price part that slowed us down. lol

Have a great day!

Leigh Anne said...


Thanks for sharing some of your goals - it is so amazing how things happen when we just "put it out there." I am excited to check out the book by Henriette. I heard her speak years ago and have a couple of her other books and love her!