Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jupiter Ct.

Have I shown you the front of the house lately? Well, here it is. New roof, new siding, new soffits.

I'm just giddy.

Have a Great Day!


Denise said...

Lookin' GOOOD, gurl!

"J" said...

Go back and look on my page! You and I are doing some of the same work!!!! =)

We just did the sofits on our house!!!!

ttelroc said...

I seriously thought that the siding would go up in a day. Seriously - I didn't know what I thinking. It has been two weeks that they've been putting up the siding. (It hasn't been their only project, I realize)

I think they got most of the back of the house done today. Just another three days to go lol

The house is looking so good, I'm so proud of all of the worker bees that have made this happen.