Sunday, May 18, 2008

Number 5

I live on the fifth floor of my condo - I see this number every single day on the elevator. It seemed so common and everyday, so I decided to Jazz it up a bit.

This is a drawing of the photo above. (from the photobucket effects department) Doesn't it look so nice and soft? It really looks like it is on a piece of white paper and oh so subtley punctuated with color.

If the number 5 were to be made out of red neon, it would have this effect. It reminds me of the pictures that I've seen of the highway at night and the streaks made by the taillights of the cars.

I really like this effect. I used it with the Burger King photo aq few weeks back and it looks splendid here as well. I really like numbers for some reason.

Have a Great Day!

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