Friday, May 09, 2008

The Kitchen

This is a kitchen display in IKEA - but this is the kitchen we picked out for Jupiter Ct. The upper cabinets in our kitchen will be all closed, except for one on the very end, which will have glass doors.

Tom fell head over heels in love with the sink pictured here. I didn't think he liked the apron front, but apparantly he does! In real life, that sink is massive. It extends out from the front of the cabinets about an inch. The space on either side of the faucet is wide and lovely. We have not picked out a faucet that I love yet. Hopefully the best faucet for the job will show itself to me in the next couple of days. (It must be reasonably priced)

We purchased butcher block for the counter top - so pretty much, this is our kitchen!


Neonalune said...

Wow! Man...I can't wait until June for my trip to Atlanta! do I save up enough money to redo our ENTIRE house??? :-)

Denise said...

You are becoming (or have you always been) the IKEA QUEEN! All is so lovely though, neat, simple, clean lines. I love it. Great job!