Friday, May 23, 2008


As I was looking through the labels that I have set up for the posts I write, I noticed that the Random Acts of Kindness label only had one post. It looked really sad - like I was never kind or something.

Maybe it only had one post because I don't want to toot my own horn about how fabulous I am. Yeah, that must be it.

I do lots of random acts of kindness - I hold doors for people all the time, that is just a given in my life, so hardly random. I clean the elevator in our condo at least once a week. I either take a wet sponge and some paper towels and wipe up the floors and walls or I pick up candy that someone has dropped on the floor (This is a surprising number of times!) We have a service that cleans the elevators but that is just weekly. I have a neighbor who also cleans the elevators, so between the two of us, they are really clean most of the time.

There was a moving company that came into our community one day to unload and that was a day when I happened to have a million things to do and all of them included coming back to my condo to get something I needed and had forgotten. I ended up seeing these moving guys several several times. I really inconvenienced them a few times, as I recall. Seriously, I was a mess that day lol Just a few days later I met those same guys at the gas station. One of the guys was behind me in line and he had an armload of snacks and drinks. I told the cashier to ring it all up on me. The mover man knew exactly who I was when he saw me and he didn't exactly smile - but when I told him I had just paid for all of his snacks he was speechless. He had a huge grin on his face and I told him that I was terribly sorry that I was such a pain the other day. I remember it clearly, he said "Aww shucks ma'am it wasn't a big deal" but we all know it was! It was fun doing that for those guys and totally unexpected.

I often let people into line when I am out on the roads, but I am surprised at how often people aren't paying attention and instead of getting into line, they just wait. I have always wanted to pay someones toll at a toll gate, but there just aren't many of them here in Northern Florida. When I go through the Orlando area and use the toll roads, I have one of those automatic contraptions that you put in your car and you don't have to stop - so I never think of taking the slow route, just so I can pay someone elses toll -- so maybe that isn't practical.

I will try to remember to post more about some random acts of kindnesses, whether I do them or I've seen them.

Have a great day!

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