Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fun Lighting

This is such a cool light fixture from IKEA. There is a space between the light and outside wall of the fixture where you are encouraged to put things in that space. These happen to be straws, but you can put anythign lightweight in there. The message on the side says not to fill with water. I can see why someone would think it would be OK, but water is heavy for one and doesn't get along well with electricity for another.

This would be delightful if you wanted to fill the void with christmas ornaments or pine cones (Ones that have no sap remaining) or tissue paper or maybe a those large thumb tacks...have you seen those? They are two inches long or more. Kind of unusual.

This might be fun to put in Jupiter Court over the dining room table area... I hadn't thought of it until right now - I just took a picture of it because I thought it was fun.

I'll be posting more IKEA pictures in the next week. Enjoy!

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Denise said...

that would be fun! would you let the occupants choose what to put in the lamp? what a kewl idea!