Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New picture!

I got my hair cut today. My stylist does such a good job. I look so well kept once every 8 weeks or so. So I've started taking a picture. Tomorrow I will have flyaway hair, the ends will stick straight out and I may even wear a barrette (but probably not tomorrow) but today, I wore make up, had my haircut and took a picture.

And here I am being Green! It's called Night Vision on the Photobucket effects tab. It actually looks real good.



col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [alive] said...

I always have to *go somewhere* after my hair gets done ... I can never ever make it look as good as they do so you can't just go HOME, right? That would be a waste of good hair! ;)

"J" said...

I like your hair! =)
That's the way I am! I go get my hair cut/done! It looks good fo rthe day then it's back up in a pony tail until the next trip back! HA!

ttelroc said...

Denise - turn on your YIM :)


Denise said...

you are so funny, greenie. Hair looks great and so does your new pic. you don't look a day over 18! (is that a compliment? it was meant to be!)