Monday, June 16, 2008

The cell phone

I took my husband to the airport today.

Allegiant Air flies from Sanford, FL to Lansing, MI - straight shot. It's great. However, it takes a few hours to drive down to Sanford.

In order to make it worth my while, I get a Caffeine Free Diet Coke for the drive. Oooh, I'm dangerous.

This means having to stop several times at rest areas.

One of my rest area stops handed me quite a dilemma.

I found a cell phone in the bathroom.
In a stall.
I chose a different stall.
Before I closed the door to the stall I chose,
I went back to the stall with the phone and grabbed the phone.

While I was washing my hands, the phone buzzed...Two new email messages.

Oh boy
What to do?

Do I leave it? Put it back in the stall? Pretend I didn't see it? Wait for someone else to do something? Take it with me? (Is that stealing?) oh goodness. I was at a total loss.

I looked for a lost and found, there wasn't one - and honestly, I wasn't going to leave it there.

So I did the only thing I could do - I played with the phone to find the address book. I hated doing it though. I felt like a snoop. Like I was totally violating this persons space. But then again, how else was I going to get this back to the right person? I looked for the contact, "me" or "me at home" "husband" or the fabulous - "Mom" or "Dad"

I found "me" so I dialed that and got her voice mail. Click. Not listening to her voice mail!!
La la la not listening!

I clicked through more contacts and found "Mom and Dad" together! Cool.

I called - I think Dad answered... "Hello! I found this phone in a rest area and am assuming it's your daughters. Would you happen to know if she is traveling today on I-95?"

Yes she is, thank you so much, she's with her husband in the car and they are traveling to N. Carolina. His name is Jaime, I bet he's in the contact list, you can call him.

I gave him my phone number, just in case, said Thank You and hung up.

I was giggling. This is just so weird to be calling random people!

So I called the Jaime contact and got this weird message and I hung up. (Chicken)

A few minutes later, the new cell phone rang, it was Jaime's phone.

A very very confused girl said hello and I said "Is this the owner of this phone number?" she said yes and I explained how I got Jaime's number. I asked what mile marker they were passing and determined that they had another rest area just a few miles ahead of them, where they could stop and I could meet them and return their phone.

I was just about 10 miles behind them.

They called - they were at the rest area.

I arrived and met the cutest couple. They had a baby about 7 months old. Cute cute cute. They were very grateful and so was I.

I don't think I could handle the responsibility of having someone elses phone for longer than the 25 minutes that I did have it.

I'm just so happy that the issue was resolved so quickly and it was a nice outcome.

I realized today on my way home, after the "drop" that this really wasn't a random act. It was a specific act of kindness. I specifically wanted to help the person that lost the phone - but I'll file it under random anyway.

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

If only the world were filled with people willing to take the time to do what you did here. I love these kind of stories!

ttelroc said...

I love these types of stories too. It's fun to be part of it!

Thanks Julie!

Denise said...

OK, RAK it may be, but my stomach is hurting, i'm sure you know why!

ttelroc said...

I have no idea why your stomach is hurting LOL You confuse me daily - OK weekly LOL


Sarah said...

Karma... It will come back to you..