Saturday, June 14, 2008


I cleaned the baseboards in the bathroom.

The one really nice thing about the new condo that we are living in, is that the baseboards are 5½" high and painted a lovely bright white.

In my other houses the baseboards were either small or just plain yucky. That's the technical term...yucky.

In fact, in the last house we sold, I had painted the walls and didn't cover the baseboards because my dear husband said that we were going to replace them...soon. Three years later, I spent several days of scrubbing the paint off in order to make them fairly presentable to the potential new owner. Goof Off was the chemical of choice to get that accomplished. An easier alternative would have been to have a wet towel with me while painting and wipe off the paint as I went...silly me.

(in this picture I notice that the painters didn't do an incredible job -- but nothing like having a magnifying glass on the baseboards LOL - I would have never noticed)

In an effort to honor the nice baseboards that I actually like and notice, I've been trying to keep up with the cleaning of them. The rest of the house gets the vacuum treatment - but the bathroom is just not as easy to clean with the vacuum.

I got out my microfiber cloths and some hot water and washed away. I used an old toothbrush in the corners and I even cleaned the water shut off valve behind the toilet! WOW.

The bathroom looks real nice now. It didn't look bad before, but I could see a lot of dusty fuzz. I did however find enough fur to make a whole cat behind the freestanding cabinet I have in the bathroom. I had never really thought about moving it before. I will think of it again a little bit sooner.


Denise said...

ok, i'm waaaay behind! You MOVED! gotta keep reading. Turn my backk on you one second (ok, 2 weeks) and you do something major!

ttelroc said...

I didn't move -- Well, We moved into this place in Feb of 2006