Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jack Benny & Grandpa

I chatted with my Dad tonight on the phone and somehow I got to talking about Jack Benny. I just loved Jack Benny - so much so that every time the PBS station has on the the little biography of him during their fundraising events, I watch it. I must have seen that darn thing 10 times. You don't see many Jack Benny clips anymore, he's part of the old time comedians.

George Burns, Bob Hope, Jack Benny.

I heard that Harvey Korman died the other day. I really enjoyed his comedy, too.

OK, so back to Jack Benny. My Dad tells me that my grandfather (his Dad) loved to tell stories. In fact, he had many of the same facial expressions as Jack Benny. I don't remember the story telling part of my grandfather, he died when I was 10, but maybe one of the reasons why I like to see the old Jack Benny shows is because I can see my grandfather in him.

I think that's really cool.

We named one of our cats Rochester, after a character Jack Benny created. I can hear it now - "Oh Rochester..."

Have a great day!

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