Saturday, June 07, 2008


I love dates, and numbers and digital clocks.

I've posted how much I love the time 11:11, just to see it. Not to make a wish, but just to see it on the clock. Cheap Thrills!

Today is 06/07/08

What a great day!

I just checked the Mayan Calendar that my Mother gave me and it is White Rhythmic Dog, Tone 6. Not quite sure what that means, but I do know that Tone 6 is a day of organization. She (my mother) suggested that on Tone 6 days I should clean my house. It should just come more naturally on that day. Well, I cleaned and vacuumed and mopped and did laundry yesterday, on a Tone 5 day. It did get clean, but I had to force myself to get it done.

Today I will be cleaning (and hopefully finishing) the rental condo. I've been putting off finishing it for some reason. It should be easier today, right??

So, I'm thinking that 06-07-08 needs to have some kind of celebration. I wonder what I could do?

Tom's been asking for Banana Bread, maybe I can make him some in celebration of the 678.

Maybe I can find a house number of 678 and take a picture of it.

I could throw away 6 things in my house that are trash, take 7 things out of my house that can go to the garage and donate 8 things to the local Salvation Army drop off center.

(I'm all about getting stuff out of my house)

I could write 6 people a letter, post a comment on 7 blogs and create 8 posts for my own blog.

I feel a little like Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail" when they are trying to figure out what her email friends online name, NY152, stands for and Tom's character comes up with all of these awful things like, 152 people that think he looks like a Clark Bar or 152 pock marks on his face. While she says sweet things like 152 people who thinks he looks like Clark Gable or he has 152 insights to her soul.

So back to 678.

I'm going to make this a fun day.

I'm going to try to find ways to make 6, 7 & 8 work into my day, just to be fun.

Enjoy your day!!

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