Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Hardwoods

Jupiter Court day 987 (Not really but it feels like it some days LOL)

Dan, the wonder man, has been refinishing the floors in the Jupiter Court house. To say they look amazing is an understatement.

This is where we started. Hardwood oak flooring from 1947. Covered in carpeting when we first purchased the house.

This is the Living Room / Dining Room of the house. The plywood in the DR was a surprise, but we expected to find some damage to the floors. Turns out that the plywood was rotten, so we replaced the bottom most layer.

Dan found unfinished red oak and layed the flooring in the area that used to be the dining room - it will now be a part of the living room. We have an eat-in kitchen now for the new home owners.

This is Dan, our contractor. He is just a genius. We decided not to hide the fact that the flooring is different. We put a border around the area and layed the flooring in the opposite direction. It looks intentional and it looks real nice, too.

This is one of the bedrooms. It hasn't been swept yet, but isn't it just amazing? I can hardly believe that the floors came out this lovely.

In a few days, I'll show what it looks like once it's stained and sealed. The transformation is incredible.

Have a Great Day!

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