Thursday, June 12, 2008

The wedding

This is a story about my Aunt Jane, as I got it - the condensed version.

Very condensed & hopefully fairly accurate.

Jane and Chuck wanted to get married.
They talked about it a bit and decided that it just couldn't happen right away, well, because who has the time! It would just have to wait.

Judy Siefker (I call her my neighbor, but I haven't lived across the street from her since 1984 LOL) and some of the other gals that Jane golfs with got wind of this dilemma and decided to plan Jane's wedding for her.

Judy said to Jane - How's next Thursday after golf?

and that's what happened.

May 8th, 2008.
On the golf course, with gale force winds and it was too cold for sandals, but it went off like a dream.

Jane's daughter, my cousin Amy, sent these pictures to me, as I was unable to attend the ceremony.

This is Jane and Judy. I'm assuming this is before the ceremony and after the golf game. Judy had a great time getting this all together, I can see it in her eyes.

I'm thinking that this is also before the ceremony. People are just getting the balloons tied to the carts and are lining up for the event.

This is Jane, aka, The Bride. She has had a custom made golf visor turned veil for the wedding. Amy, was this part of your veil? I'll edit when I get that correct.

Amy replied in the comments that the veil was orginally Jody's* then Amy used it with a different headpiece and now Jane has used it. How cool. Thanks Amy!

*Amy & Jody, children of Jane

Here is the procession of the golf carts. How fun!!

The Bridal cart has arrived at the site. Golf balls lined a path, although I only show a little of one side. Her bouquet was made of calle lilies and orange golf balls. What a hoot!

Here is part of the ceremony, I'm going to pretend it was the "I Do" part. The Groom, Chuck, is finally shown. That's him, the one holding the Brides hand.

Everyone was huddled together in this photo. From what I understand it was to keep warm. It was a chilly chilly night.

I hope to get more photos soon of this event. I saw the happy couple when I went to Michigan a few weeks ago and saw a lot more pictures. I'm very happy for them.

Congratulations Jane and Chuck!


THE ROOST said...

How cute and original!

"J" said...

That is sooooooooooooooooooooo NEAT! Anything in life is all of what you make it! FUN! I might have to share some linky love with you today! Just some wedding talk! I love it!!!

amyeile said...

The veil was originally from Jody's wedding. I wore it for my wedding with a different headpiece than Jody's. Even though it is silly, it was fun that all three of us wore the same veil.


ttelroc said...

Thanks Amy! I knew you'd answer this question for me.

I'll go edit the post so it's correct.


Denise said...

nice pics. What a great thyme it seems everyone is having.

Anonymous said...

The bride, here.

Jenna Bush had nothing on me..I had 34 bridemaids...all the women in my golf league. And the sunset was just beautiful, even with gale force winds. Chuck wanted special memories and thought this would be a hoot. One of our league members is a judge, so she performed the ceremony. It was very emotional for us. We did have a great time.
We had a pig roast on the 4th of July for the official wedding reception. Glad you like the photos, Kristin