Monday, June 09, 2008

Where I Live

Just the other day I mentioned the Listography book that my sister gave me. In that book is a section titled "List the places I've lived."

This has been a sticky issue between my husband and I because he always wants to move. He wants something bigger and better, or in a better location - sometimes just a different location, not necessarily better. Now that the market for housing is down, he wants to get out of our condo and get into a house real quick. He's been looking for a house just about since the day we moved into our condo and I've held him off for quite some time, but I'm not sure I can hold him off much longer. There are just so many great looking houses out there and the prices are fab!!

Anyway, back to the list.

I listed 16 places where I've lived. There were more. I moved a lot in Albuquerque, NM. I can't even remember all the places I lived. Those places where I stayed with other people & didn't consider it my residence, I didn't include. That was a really interesting time. Teenagers do the stupidest things.

So here we go!

Born in Marquette, MI - KI Sawyer Air Force base
Apartment in Holt, MI
Duplex in Lansing
My home in Lansing -- 2nd grade through HS graduation.
Dorm at UNM
Studio in Albuquerque, NM
2 BDR rental in Albuquerque, NM
Basement of parents house in E. Lansing
Apt of boyfriend, E. Lansing, MI
House of boyfriend/Fiance* (same as above) Okemos, MI
21 steps straight up to my rental Apt. Lansing, MI, just 2 blocks from The Goat.
2nd floor of house on Walnut St. Lansing, MI
The house that Tom** and I moved into together that was possessed, had a million frogs, a stock pond, etc. Bell Hwy, Eaton Rapids, MI.
The house that Tom designed and built on the lake in Coldwater, MI.
Spruce Creek Fly-In, Daytona Beach, FL
The 5th floor condo in Jacksonville, FL

Where in the world will I live next???

Have I mentioned how much I dislike moving? The last move, from Daytona to Jax was so chaotic that I am still sorting through boxes. Nothing was sorted. It was pretty much tossed into a box and loaded onto the truck.

Have a great day!

*Never went to the alter
**Went to the alter LOL

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