Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cards

I made my Christmas cards this year.  I took the photos, got prints made, attached them to the blank cards, found a verse from a vintage Christmas card that I thought was fun and wrote them all out.  Then I printed out my address list and addressed the envelopes.  Then I had piles of cards and piles of envelopes and the two needed to get married.

My husband usually doesn't get his name in the cards, unless it's to his family or one of his good friends.  My mom used to say that if my dad wanted to sign his name he could, but that she didn't do it for him.  I kind of took on that philosophy.  I used to hand Tom a little stack of cards to have him write in, but the sighing that came from his side of the living room was almost more than I could bear.  Now I send so many cards to people who only know me, that I'm just in the habit of having the cards be from just me.

I really like sending cards, but I have a confession.  The last 20% gets the short end of the stick.   A few months ago I found a stack of 10 or 20 envelopes that were addressed, but never got a card and were therefore never sent.  Oh goodness, I felt like a heel.  I made sure those folks were done first this time!  Anyway, the last 20% get sent out very late, possibly don't even arrive before Christmas and aren't necessarily the end of the alphabet.  This time I didn't have enough cards made, so that was the hold up this time.  So if you haven't gotten your card yet and you always get one from me, consider it a Happy New Year card!

Naw, I'll get them finished this weekend. 

Merry Christmas!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I love,love,love my card! I will keep it always. I save my cards each year and have for the past ten years. One year I used them on a Christmas tree. I used a hole punch and pretty ribbon and looped them to the branches. It was a special tree. A real "Family/friends" tree. Thankyou!
LIke you, I am staring at more cards that I have yet to mail. I have about 12. I ran out of stamps and just have neglected mailing them. Hope fully you and Keetha (among others) will get your cards before Christmas.
I just want you to know how I appreciate and feel blessed through your friendship. I thank you for your thoughtfulness. You're a doll!

denise said...

wow! that is impressive! i wrote about a "booklet" but really i was making fun of myself and all my inserts...i really wanted to figure out your address somewhere and send you one...e-mail it to me...i won't make any promises as my 20% short end of the stick is a greater percentage this year...hope to at least blog about them in a few are so good at keeping up with so many people. i truly value your friendship and can relate with you in many random ways. happy holidays!

denise said...

p.s. i'd love to have you blog about that booklet you told me about...NOT that i need to send out "more" next year, just curious!

jennifer said...

Your Christmas card was gorgeous. Having some of your photography was such a blessing to me!

Every year when I pull out my Christmas decorations, I find the cards from the previous year and read them again. It's nice.

YOUR card however will wind up in a frame and will become a part of our decorations.


Nancy Campbell said...

That is so cool. I'm happy if I slap my photo cards into envelopes and call it a day.

Good for you!

Just Breathe said...

That is awesome, they look so cute and your pictures are always the best.