Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sheet Music Tree

Isn't this an interesting picture?

Know what it is?

Wanna know what it is?

Leigh from Tales from Bloggeritaville blogged about this tree today.  Well, actually I sent her an email with some photos and I tried to describe the tree a bit.

I did not make this tree.  A guy named Todd Mack made the tree for an event called Festival of Trees in Lansing, MI.  Companies and organizations around town would decorate trees for this event, then the trees would be auctioned off.  Some businesses would get a tree and fill it full of ornaments and a few wrapped gifts underneath or piled high with toys.  Hardly anyone actually made the tree from scratch like Todd did.  His tree was exceptional.   Todd was a friend of ours (my sister Alison worked in his frame and gift shop for awhile) and we all fell in love with this tree.  Thankfully the trees had a Buy It Now price as well as a silent auction feature.  If someone used the BIN option, the auction feature was void.  My Mom used the BIN option and just got the tree.  Whew!  It saved a lot of heartache trying to get the tree for less.

So anyway, that's part of the story of the tree.  The rest of the story is over at Leigh's place.  Go on, take a look :)  There are a lot more photos over there, too.


Edited to mention -- Festival of Trees is no longer an event in Lansing - bummer because I loved it - and Todd Mack moved from Lansing, MI to the Chicago area.  Here is a link to his company blog - Foursided.  His stores are called Twosided and Foursided.


Loria said...

I love that tree! I didn't know festival of trees was no more. bummer, i remember hearing of it every year - like it was a staple. I never attended though. I'm glad your mom was able to purchase it. Its very unique- like a piece of artwork.

Loria said...

I just read Leigh's blog .. maybe if you buy and use one of those cans of condensed air and blow the dust off. Those cans can be bought at any office supply store. we get them at work so we can dust off computer keyboards and such.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I LOVE your tree! Thanks for sharing, Kristin! You had so many people interested. I hope to see some music trees churned out by some creative people, sadly it isnt me. Id like to just buy one of Todd's. LOL. Hate that Im lazy.
Anyway, its gorgeous! I love the buttons and keys and pictures on it!

THX to Loria for visiting today!