Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. This week it's the Post Christmas, Saturday Fragments.  Aww heck, with so many days off and events going on I have no idea what day it is anyway.  I hope you've had a delightful Christmas and gave and received fabulousness.  Please visit Mrs. 4444's Fragmented post so you can find even more severely fragmented posters like me.  I wish you a very Happy New Year, too, if you don't make it back this way before then.


I love it when my kitty tries to find a spot to rub her cheeks especially when everything she tries to rub is too flimsy.  She's like a boxer - she is goes in for a jab and back out, dancing in and out trying to find the sweet spot.  I finally took pity on her and grabbed a little booklet and held it up for her.  I don't think I've ever heard her purr so loud.  She rubbed both sides of her head, chewed on the corners with her teeth, back to rubbing her cheeks, then she got the top of her head real quick.  I just love my kitty.  It really takes very little to bring her so much joy.


Speaking of kitties - You must must must go to this page of the Pretty Good site.  She has some of the loveliest photos - but this one of her cat with the brief commentary is hysterical.  


I found this fun little snowflake maker - just use your mouse to cut out shapes on the triangle and when you are finished you click create and viola!

I got carried away.


I have been going to bed very late at night/early in the morning.  Two in the morning is about the time I'm ready to hit the hay and that is also the time when my husband starts snoring.  It's happened almost every single night the past few weeks.  It's like he knows I've just turned off the light and am heading for bed... silence silence silence.  Light goes off. Snnnnooooooorrrrrrrreeeee!



I have been wanting to go to IKEA for many many months.  My sister and I were going to go when I was in Michigan in October, but illness prevented us from going.  I'd put off going all summer because I knew I was going to go in October.  Well, here we are in December and I still haven't been to IKEA this year.   A few days ago my husband said that he wanted to go away next weekend and where would I like to go?  IKEA!! and then I said that I'd like to go to the gulf side of Florida. (I've never been)  He combined the two and we are going to the IKEA in Tampa and staying in a really nice hotel for two nights (thanks to Priceline accepting his $40 a night offer.) 


I'm excited.  The Tampa store will be added to my list of the cities I've visted to go to IKEA.  So far I've been to the Atlanta, Chicago, Burbank, Orlando and Detroit IKEAs.  I may have to start a little pilgrimage.  One new IKEA a year.  There are 38 IKEAs so far in the U.S.  Maybe one IKEA per state per year.  That narrows it down to 20.    20 years haha   I don't think this is what was meant when I was asked "what are your long term goals?"  haha!


I have been looking for a book in my house for the past three months (maybe more!)  I've looked in closets, under beds, in boxes, suitcases, bags, bathrooms - I've looked!  I found it last night when I was dusting off the entertainment center (as I do each month or two)  It was on the shelf with all of the books.    Front row, right there.   You'd think with as often as I dust the shelves (insert hysterical laughter) I would have seen it!


My husband actually likes to shop, but when it comes to Christmas gifts he tends to buy the strangest things.  Things that he wouldn't buy in a million years at any other time.  This year however, he did a fabulous job.  I just wanted to let you know, husband of mine - who doesn't read this blog, that you done good :)  No really - Thanks.


We had Christmas dinner with about 40 of our transplant friends and their families yesterday.  It's a free dinner sponsored by TRIO of NE Florida.  This is the third year we've been to the dinner but the first year that we were able to volunteer.  What  a delight it is to be a part of a Christmas celebration with people who are displaced due to illness or recovery.   My husband's liver transplant came December 23rd, 2005, so Christmas is an important time for us to spend with the transplant community. 


I hope you had a blessed Christmas.  Now, who's going to start that diet before the first of the year??

Have a great day!


Mrs4444 said...

I'm so happy that you and your husband can celebrate the success of his transplant. And isn't it a blast to volunteer for something that makes others feel so appreciative. Some people are reluctant to volunteer for things, but what they don't realize is that you get far more back than you put in. I'm glad you know that, too :)

Your cat sounds sweet. I like cats, because they are so low in the maintenance department. That said, I'm glad we don't have one anymore (no more hairballs of litter on the floor!!)

Karen MEG said...

I hope you had a happy Christmas too! It must be extra special with the anniversary of the successful transplant.

I love all those snowflakes, too cute!

mimbles said...

I've been doing the 2am bedtime thing too (and paying for it!) but hubby's snoring isn't usually a problem then, instead it's about 6:30am when my body clock says "hey, time to wake up" and I tell it to shut up and roll over to go back to sleep. Then he starts snoring. Loudly.

IKEA gives me the screaming heebie geebies, I'll go there if I absolutely have to, because they do have the occasional useful thing, but for fun? Not so much. But we do have one quite close by - less than 30 minutes drive - so perhaps I'm just spoiled :-)

I lose books in my house too, I keep thinking they'll turn out to have been under my nose all the time too, but no luck so far. I ended up buying another copy of one of the ones I couldn't find, not even that made it turn up. One day I'll aphabetise the bookshelves and I'll probably end up with a whole bunch of duplicates to donate.

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, hope your New Years is just as good!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I love the snowflakes! And my husband has a similar aptitude for snoring- crazy! There's an IKEA in Cincy (2 hours from me, I grew up there, friends & family there). If you ever go, look up Jungle Jim's too!

Ruth Ann said...

Great fragments! I always love reading your stories! They put a smile on my face! Can't wait to meet your cat someday, he seems sooo sweet! Love the story about the box! Oh and we do have an IKEA in Pittsburgh...put that on your list! Hope you're having a great day!
-Ruth Ann

jennifer said...

Yeah, I dust often too :)

I have NEVER been to IKEA. I've read other blog posts about it and now it is on my bucket list. I wanna go too!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Diet.....oh how I need to. I am so down on myself. I have never been this heavy. Sad.
Glad your Christmas was Merry! I love the snowflakes and I love the lighted palm!

Unknown Mami said...

So glad you found your dusty book.

Jean said...

I LOVE this snowflake maker. Thank you so much for posting that! Good clean fun!

I lose stuff in my house...maybe I need a trip to IKEA to get a place to PUT stuff! LOL.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Great frags! My only major goal for the New Year is to eat healthier and pay more attention to getting in all of my nutrients.