Thursday, December 31, 2009

POTD - Potato Bunny

Potato Bunny - by Kristin Corlett

This is one of the last photos of dear sweet green bunny that I'm going to have. You see, today is Bob's birthday, so in honor of that special day, I decided to stop tormenting her with photos of bunny. 

Happy Birthday, Bob!


Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE bunny - - - I am soooooo sad to see him go.

This photo is sooooooo Anne Geddes-ish. I LOVE it

jb said...

WAHOOO!!!!! I have been very good, I thought Sweetgreenbunny was going to live with you! She seemed to fit in so well to your life and routine, but she's gonna rock in NH!
Keetha, she will be appearing on her own blog very soon...the blog has already started, but I haven't written too much, as I didn't want to be an UBERBRAT...but YEAHHHHH!
Sweetgreenbunny is coming home!!!!!!
Thanks Bob, for all and everything!!!!!

Just Breathe said...

I'm going to miss Bunny......

Kirby3131 said...

I never did say I wasn't going to keep the bunny, just that I was going to stop tormenting BOB with bunny photos. You all are assuming that I sent it to her. :)

Loria said...

Oh, i'm going to miss sweet green bunny.