Tuesday, December 08, 2009

POTD - Brine

Brine - by Kristin Corlett

This particular brine is the Williams Sonoma Apple and Spices Turkey Brine. Sea Salt, Apples, Juniper Berries, Lemon Peel, Star Anise, Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Black Pepper, Onion and Bay Leaf.  It's just gorgeous.  I've had this jar of brine ingredients for the past year.  I had forgotten when I asked my Aunt for a brine recipe that I still had this jar of spices. 

I did get a recipe from my Aunt Marg.  As a matter of fact she made up a little blog called Margee's Recipes and her very first post is her brine recipe.  Actually she posted a few variations.  Thanks Marg!!



jennifer said...

My husband loves Williams Sonoma. He could spend tons of money in there!

I'm googling Brine now - I have no idea what you do with it.

Have a great day!

Kirby3131 said...

Jennifer - I thought you might click on my Aunt's link. She tells you in the recipe what to do with the brine LOL

You soak a turkey in brine (which is mixed in with water) to make the meat tender...oh so tender and juicy and more delicious than you'd ever know :)

Marg Henry said...

Turkey, chicken, pork!!! Williams Sonoma's is overpriced, make your own : ) (Remember, I worked there)

Condo Blues said...

That photo is gorgeous! Girl, I hope you are selling your photographs (other than in your Etsey shop) because you are goooood.