Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. It's a great excuse to get all those little snippets that gather in the brain and don't seem enough for one post but together they can make one fun blog post!  I love to have you smile when you come over to visit. I hope I've done so!  Please visit Mrs. 4444's Fragmented post so you can find even more severely fragmented posters like me.

We got a new button this week!  Here's what the graphic will look like next week at the top of the FF post.


Last week in my Friday Fragments I said that I had been married for 7 years.  Ooops.  That isn't right.  I've been married for 8 years.  Tom and I have been together since Dec 23rd, 1994,  married June 23rd 2001 and by next year I will truly have forgotten (again) if he likes pumpkin pie.  I'll probably still think we've been married just 7 years.   That's OK.  I'm not sure how old I am either.


I found myself Googling how to spell the raspberry noise.  It seems to be a fairly popular question!   I finally spelled it   pthhhhbt


I cannot read blogs that have a black/dark background.  If I really like that blog, then I read it only in my Google Reader.  I usually don't leave a comment on their blogs because it is so hard for me to handle the dark background and the white/light colored text, even for the short time it takes to comment.  I feel bad, but if I go to a new blog that has a very dark or black background I just close it without even investigating whether or not it was worth clicking to it.


Spiders have taken residence in my car.  I think it was a whole nest because all of the spiders that I've spied have been the exact same - they are these ivory colored (almost clear) spiders and I've killed half a dozen of them already in my car.  Each time I get in my car there seems to be a new web from my steering wheel to the window.  ewwwww!   I thought I finally had them all because there hasn't been a new web in a few days, but there was one there today.  Ugh.


speaking of cars.  I have a sunglasses holder in my car.  It holds one pair of glasses.  I just don't like to put the three pair that I usually have in the car in that space so I turned that space into something else.  It now holds pens and sharpies.  When I need a pen I reach up, click the magic door and down comes the pocket with pens!  I always have one handy and if I drop the pen while trying to write and drive (I cannot lie) there is another within reach.


I am going to be making Kookie Brittle this week.  If I haven't done it already, please be on the lookout for an awesome recipe.  (I made the dough tonight!  I'll be baking it in the next day or so.)


I sent off my Secret Santa package today and I even managed to send out the Everyday Food magazines that some Random Cool Chick offered to take off my hands.  Although I sent the EF books off as media mail because they really were too expensive to send parcel post.  (I'm a cheap skate sometimes) but I bet they will arrive much sooner than the 2-3 week time line I was given. I wrapped them in some attention getting paper.  Nothing obscene mind you, just attention getting.


I had to slip in a few printables and projects.

Kids Piggy Bank made out of a spice jar & some cool printable labels at Givers Log.

Hanukkah Round Up and a Kids Christmas Round Up at One Pretty Thing. It's a fantastic site for all things DIY, crafty, printable and tutorial. Love this place.


I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


jennifer said...

"I found myself Googling how to spell the raspberry noise."

That could be a whole blog post - just that one sentence. It speaks volumes :)

Thank you for the giggle!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You crack me up! Maybe next year you can post a question as to whether or not your hubby likes pumpkin pie - we can remember that for you and save you the phone call. ;)

It is hard to read blogs with a dark/black background - I really need to start using Google Reader...

I love that you had to google how to spell 'raspberry noise'...heh, heh!!

Ugh! Spiders are one critter I actually hate. I'm always paranoid that I'll run into a brown reclusive or something as horrid. Having a nest of spiders in my car would freak me out!

How cool is that sunglasses holder? I'd probably store pens in there too... ;)

I'll be looking forward to the Kookie Brittle recipe!

Sending books or magazines any other method than media mail would be wasteful - I'm looking forward to seeing what the attention getting paper is that you wrapped them in...(grin!!)

Happy FF - have a great weekend!

Unknown Mami said...

I'm not crazy about the dark background with light text either especially if the text is really small.

Martha in PA said...

Stopping by late from FF! Ewww on the spiders. Living in FL for six yrs I saw enough spiders for a life time... I'd be calling Truly Nolan to exterminate my car!

I use dark text on my photo blog, but most times I don't write too much there....

When I bought our current car one had a sunglass holder, my daughter joked that I wanted the sunglass holder more than the sunroof and DVD player in the one we wound up buying. I do wish I had a sunglass holder.

Yaya said...

Lol! I would totally mix up how many years we've been married too! We are too much alike!

4 Lettre Words said...

I love that you made the mistake about how long you've been married! I am the only one in my marriage that has ever forgotten it! :o) Men (sometimes) get a bad rap.

I have that same compartment in my car. Great idea!

Mrs4444 said...

These look like some promising links; thanks :)

I don't like the dark backgrounds, either, or those with patterns behind the letters. Just not worth the headache.

I need a pen holder like that (free of spiders, of course.)

Hope you're having a great week :)