Tuesday, December 22, 2009

POTD - Giant Lights

Giant Lights - by Kristin Corlett

My favorite type of lights are these large bulbs.  Well, not this large generally, but large.  I love multi colored with a few blinking lights tossed in for a little bit of drama or tacky :) When I saw these decorations I was literally jumping up and down and so very thankful that I had my camera on me.



Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - - - I thought they were the regular-sized lights and that you were out there on your belly in the bushes getting pictures with them in the FOREground to make them LOOK that big!

Then you had to go and ruin my mental images with your explanation.

Kirby3131 said...

Keetha, if I had gotten down that far on my belly to get this photo, I might still be there! haha

My favorite part of this picture are the palm tree reflections in the bulbs. :)

Loria said...

LOLOL Keetha's comment .. I have these types of bulbs on my tree - I like them the best - I never thought about adding small blinking ones too ... hmmm, good idea for next year.

Kirby3131 said...

Lori - They sell replacement bulbs for the large lights that are blinking - so you don't have to do anything but replace a bulb or two. I'd usually put 5 or 6 of the blinking bulbs on an 8' tree.

I didn't want you to think that you needed to buy another strand of lights and lace them into the tree. Just unscrew one bulb and replace it with a blinker :) repeat lol

Just Breathe said...

Me too! I love the large old fashioned lights. I alway buy things with bulbs on them. I didn't post the bulb picture I took at Disneyland. This is so cute. I would have been jumping too! I just bought Skye some squeek toy bulbs.

Unknown Mami said...

These are awesome!