Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My sister sent these photos to me yesterday - goodness I miss seeing these kids all the time. She sent me 5 or 6 photos, so I had to show a few of them.

Zora usually gives goofy faces, but in this case, it's Stella with her tongue out that steals the show.  I just love those striped pants that Scarlett is wearing.  How cute.

If you click on this photo you can see the ring of chocolate ice cream (I do believe) that rings Stella's mouth.    Too funny.  That would probably explain why she had her tongue out in the previous photos.  She's trying to lick the chocolate off her face.  Zora did a lovely job in these photos.  She looks so grown up next to her two baby sisters.

I took this photo in October when I was in Michigan.  Scarlett is about 8 days old.  I tried to take a family photo of this goofy bunch and this is by far the best photo!  I'm not kidding. I love it.   Jim is the best face maker ever and he's passed that trait down to his kids.  Alison is going to have her hands full when all these girls grow up a bit more.  She's never going to get a groups shot with smiles!

In this photo I'm playing with my dolls in my brand new cradle.  One doll must have been bad because I'm kneeing her in the back while feeding another.  The red thing in the far right is a teeter totter.  I loved that!!

I think I showed this photo off last year - but this is me at my grandparents house.  The flowered suitcases on the floor were given to me that year.  I used those things until they fell apart.  I think the little one held barbie clothes years later. 

One year a friend, Becky, gave me all of her barbie dolls and their clothes (she was about 10 years older than me).  I don't think she actually had any Barbies, they were off brand barbie dolls, Kelly & Cricket I think.  But the clothes...goodness, she had so many clothes!  I'd never seen so many in all my life.  The dolls she gave to us were a bit rough.  They had been loving chewed by her dogs :) but we played with them and played and played.  I will never forget that gift.  You see, my mother didn't allow toys with small parts.  This included Barbie doll clothes - those little shoes, small purses and the tiny accessories were too much trouble according to Mom.  Because of this unwritten rule, we just never got into Barbies --- until Becky gave me the clothes.  Alison and I were talking about those barbies when I was home and she said that that gift singlehandedly opened up the door to getting small parts in the house.  That next year for Christmas the girls got a Lite-Brite!  

Merry Christmas.  Thank you for being a part of my life. 


Just Breathe said...

What wonderful pictures. They are so darn cute.

Loria said...

K - I noticed right off how blue Stella's eyes are in that photo - just stunning - hang on, i'm already confused on the names - the oldest daughter's eyes in the silly photo. so funny. I make my girls do stuff like that - first a nice photo, then I have them do something dorky LOL.