Friday, May 27, 2011

It's an envelope!

I'm not sure anyone could have guessed that instead of cleaning up my messy computer room, I went in there and thought up a craft project that absolutely needed to be started right now!  That's just the way it happens in my life.  Clean my house or start a craft project.  It's a toss up.

Remember those swap items I sent awhile back?  I received mine but haven't done much if anything with them yet...but I've been itching to do something.  Anything!

I wanted to start sewing things together and possibly making a journal, like they do in the Remains of the Day class.  My inspiration came about because I had some photos that I wanted to take to a friend on Thursday morning. 

I was thinking that it might be a little less intimidating to start on a small project, like one envelope.  As it turned out, I'm really glad that I was able to start and finish in a few hours.  It was a wonderful feeling! Unlike cleaning the computer room - that is going to take a few days.  Maybe I'll do that next week. 

I used some of my own stuff like security envelopes, a dictionary page, a free printable from Indie Fixx - Free Art Project and a few other things.  The fabric, sheet music, U card and map were all from the swap. 

I only sewed the whole enveloped closed tight just once, but realized that it surely added more character to it.  Thankfully I hadn't put the photos inside yet!  Once I ripped all the thread out from the unintentional closure and sewed the ribbon on to help keep the envelope intentionally closed I was done.

I presented it to my friend and she was just as excited about the envelope as she was with the photos.  In fact, it went over so well that I may just make a few more.

After I clean up my computer room.
or not.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.
Thank you to our troops for keeping us safe.



Unknown Mami said...

I think it is soo beautiful.

Ann in the UP said...

Some toss-up.....make something fun, or clean a room.....Hmmmmmm...

Ruth Ann said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to create envelopes...especially out of manila folders! Hope you have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Bettyann said...

That envelope is mine!! I love it Kristin, makes me want to get into my craft supplies and have fun!OK I owe you big time, admitted on this blog!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it. It came out so cute. I would always choose crafting over cleaning house!