Thursday, May 05, 2011

Magnolia blooms

I found a pretty good life cycle of a magnolia blossom today on a single Magnolia tree.

The tight bud is in the far background, left.  The foreground shows the protective covering split and the flower starting to emerge.

The Magnolia bud is now ready to start opening.

The bud has just opened and the Magnolia flower looks more like a tulip at this point.

This Magnolia flower is past it's truly beautiful, open stage and has started to go into decline.  The newly opened flowers were a little too high up in the tree for me to photograph.

The end of the Magnolia flower.  All that's left is the very center.  I'd have explained all of the parts and pieces to the flower, but I couldn't find a diagram and I didn't want to mislead anyone into thinking I knew what I was talking about! 

My knowledge of Magnolia trees and their flowers come from having a tree in my backyard in Michigan, seeing them everywhere here in Florida and observing and photographing them when they are in bloom. 

I welcome all comments, even those on parts identification :)



jb said...

We had a magnolia tree next to our house in Larchmont. I loved to touch the soft fuzzy buds that would become flowers. I loved them so much that one year my brother and I plucked them off the tree so we could keep them forever. My mother was furious when she discovered what we had done. The tree bloomed in al of its glory that year, but only the top half, as all buds from the ground up to about four/five feet were removed by the reach of myself and my brother...a half blooming tree!
I miss that tree.
Thanks for that wonderful photo lesson...I couldn't name any of the parts...and I am not going to try!!!

Ann in the UP said...

Great pictures. I think I know who can fill us in on the flower parts. Mrs. Sex in the Garden.....

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm sure that Keetha can fill us in on that! Love that first picture, great shot. We had a magnolia tree at our last house.
They are so pretty.

Marg said...

The next to last photo shows stamens that have fallen off the reproductive structure (stamens are the male portion of the flower, that produce pollen). The last photo features the female portion of the flower after pollination. The female reproductive part of a flower (the stigma style and ovary) is collectively called a pistil. Magnolias have multiple pistals, even more than stamens. After pollination, the structure you now see in your photo is called an aggregate fruit, which is pretty much a giant blackberry : )

Keetha Broyles said...

You didn't SHOW the sexy parts - - - they are hidden inside those petals that are ALMOST ready to open.

THIS is what I think of when I hear "magnolia" - - - I googled it and it is a southern magnolia.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS.

BTW - - - that "end of the flower" as you call it is the fruit. That is what the fertilized ovary develops into and the seeds will be inside.

Great sequence in the life of a magnolia blossom.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm a sucker for Magnolias.

Mrs4444 said...

wow. The magnolia is really a thing of beauty (at all stages), huh? Very nice.

BN Farrington said...

I have pictures of the next stage with the berries. What happens to the berries?

M.D. said...

I've a few other stage(s) ... enjoy ... from my FB pic(s) BTW !!!

[ ] multi-phase petal(s) of the Magnolia flower
[ ] way beyond the product Life Cycle ... almost L(o)(o)Ks like some sort of weird spider or something ???
[ ] Magnolia tree with flowers in various stages and some nice blue sky and white clouds too
[ ] did you know that you can write on the Magnolia leaves with the sharp rock and their message will remain as long as the leaf does ... JAN is still on the leaf, over a year now ...
I have others, but these are a few of my favorite things :) - 10/4 M.D. TomaTOE