Monday, May 23, 2011

My To Do list

I was just looking at my To Do list that I wrote out last night.

It's funny the things that end up on a list. 

Have dealership vacuum Scion
Kashi cereal - damn it
electrical tape
shower curtain - 20% off coupon
snake for drain
bulb for track light
send box tops to sister
send out photos
To Do image source

The new car had 3500 miles on it, as I mentioned the other day, so we assumed that someone was driving it as their car for awhile.  When I drove the car home from the dealership I kept hearing this sliding and rolling sound coming from the back.  I thought maybe there was a gift box, first aid kit or something that was placed in the back that I didn't notice.  Yesterday when I went out, I pulled out of the garage and that rain stick sound was still there.  I pulled over and started investigating.

Nope, no little box in the back of the car.  I started looking in all of the little compartments and couldn't find anything.  Then I looked in the wheel well where the spare tire is located and there I found the source.  Hundreds of lime green plastic beads.   It was like a mini carnival ride for them in there!

I'm going to have the dealership vacuum those beads out.  I could do it, but I think the tire actually needs to come out in order to get to all of the beads and I don't want to mess with the tire.

Kashi.  I have been out of my Kashi cereal for two weeks.  I keep forgetting to go down the cereal aisle and it's really beginning to make me mad.  My mornings are best when I start off with my Kashi and yogurt a few times a week.

The power cord to my Kindle 2 fell apart. The plastic coating around the wires has literally fallen off.  With as much as I love my Kindle, I can hardly believe that the plastic coating is literally falling off the power cord.  I pulled the cord out of the plastic bag that I keep it in and noticed that there were bare spots all along the cord.  I immediately blamed the cat for chewing on it.  Then I noticed that there wasn't a kitty tooth mark anywhere, not even on the bag.  I Googled the issue and sure enough!  It's a common problem at about the two year mark.  Crazy!  I apologized to Mocha for blaming her.

The electrical tape on my list is to repair the cord.  My Kindle was completely out of juice and I need it tomorrow, so there was no time to get to send me a new cord before I needed it.  I think the cord looks nice in black, don't you?

The shower curtain, drain snake and light bulb are all for one of the rental condos.  I had a 20% coupon but it expired over a month ago and they still accepted it.  Cool :) 

I didn't get the box tops out to my sister, but I'll get the card written tonight and do that.

I have had a photography sale pending for months now.  I finally got the photos ordered, delivered, and matted.  Now they have officially been mailed!  The woman who ordered the photos finally asked me about them today, too.   Funny how that works out.  I was sort of hoping she had forgotten about them so that it would be a surprise when they arrived.  Oh well :)

I even managed to cook the chicken I've had for a few days and we ate dinner at home for the first time in a week.  I think I should probably fast tomorrow, I've eaten so much off my regular eating plan.  I'm kidding, but not really! haha  Today was a good eating day, so I've almost redeemed myself.

Hope you've gotten everything on your list accomplished or came darn close. 


Rebecca said...

Only 3,500 miles?! Wow. My car had about that many miles about 9 years ago. As did Kevin's car. They both have about 135,000 miles now.

lisleman said...

No more rides for the beads! You might want to watch the dealer take out the tire - it's always good to know.
From the picture of your kindle cord - it looks like the one end is a standard USB connector. If it is then you can use any USB charger. USB is a standard and the voltage and currents must be the same on all USB connectors.

qandlequeen said...

I am a Kashi fan too, but I recently discovered Kellog's granola clusters or something like that. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

Your Kindle cord cracks me up.

jb said...

Target sells Kindles and all accessories! I know you can put "Shop Target" on your to do list!

Caution said...

I am not a list maker, and consequently I never get anything done.

LOVE the cord repair :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great detective work on the little beads! Can't believe that on the plastic coating on your power cord. I save box tops for a blog friend. I love my yogurt with Cinnamon Cherrios.

Chatchell said...

As of this morning, I am experiencing the same problem with my Kindle power cord. I cannot believe it. I plugged one end into the Kindle and was about to plug the other into the wall when I realized the plastic covering was falling apart! In a twisted way, its nice to know I'm not alone in this.