Wednesday, May 11, 2011

POTD - White fence with roses

POTD - White fence with roses
©2011 Kristin Corlett

I took this photo a month or so ago but I never thought it was fabulous enough to be the photo of the day, so I kept passing over it.  Today I looked at it again and it made me smile for the umpteenth time.  That's it!  It's the POTD.  What do I love about this shot?  The roses on the white fence reminds me of a cottage with roses growing every-which-way.  I like that the white fence posts on the right are not straight - another cottagey feeling.  The tree trunks against the house that are crooked and I really like the little cherub on the terracotta planter on the patio, too.



Karen and Gerard said...

I think this is a pretty picture! I like seeing all those roses and the green grass!

Ann in the UP said...

Yep, it deserves to be a POTD. I just love it!

Rebecca said...

...and I bet it smells nice. There needs to be a few patio bricks near with a tiny bistro table and 2 small chairs. Coffee/tea mornings~

Carolyn said...

Beautiful flowers!

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Caution said...

I love the colors of this one, Kristin! How do you turn every scene into art? You really are talented.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I always wanted a yard surrounded by a fence covered in climbing flowers! Always wanted a maid and a gardener too! :)

That is beautiful!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's the perfect example of charming. I love it!