Tuesday, May 03, 2011


About 20 years ago I received my Grandmother's recipes.  I was living with my boyfriend at the time and I remember going through the recipe box, the envelope of clippings and a little book with cards and clippings.  I know I was delighted about having them, but I didn't have a clue what to do with them.

At some point they ended up in the basement of the boyfriend's house and when I moved out, they stayed behind.  Fast forward 20 years.  Former boyfriend and his wife are cleaning out the basement of the same house where I lived with him and they find all of the recipes.  Since they knew I'd be crushed if they tossed them, they made sure that they got back to my Mother who lives nearby.

Because of that wonderful gesture, I am able to once again enjoy my grandmother's recipes and this time I know what to do with them!  I am scanning them and sharing them with friends and family.  I won't post everything on my blog as I'm only teeny bit into the process and I've already scanned about 250 pieces.

One of the interesting things I found was this jar opener in it's original packaging.  I don't think she ever used it.

I love the name of it - The Mystic Grip Disc.  I like the added uses!  It never occurred to me to use it to anchor objects on board ship or to put it between ice cub trays to keep them from sticking together.  Opens jars and keeps your hairbrush from falling off the vanity counter in your cabin.

Grandma Corlett had over a dozen of these Recipes of the week from her local paper.  I really enjoyed seeing the contributors photos.

This Sugar Cookie recipe is from Mom.  I'm not sure if that would be my Grandmother's Mother or my Grandfather's Mother.  I've seen lard sold in grocery stores  - the local IGA that has a decidedly Mexican population sells gallon containers of lard - but I bet shortening or butter would work in this case. 

This was the darkest, most splattered recipe that Grandma has in the recipe box.  I'm going to make this one for sure.  I've got a potluck coming up next Thursday...hmmm.

So - this piece of paper is from sometime between 1936 - 1955. Isn't it fun what can be found on the back of a recipe?!!

The 1936 Betty is kind of scary looking.  I wouldn't want to cross her!

This is the front side of the Betty Crocker page.  This must have been a great recipe for her to have kept it that long.  I'm going to have to make this one, too.

Dear Mildred -
Ellen sent me the chain letter. so I'll send you my recipe for Syrup.
1 cup White Sugar
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Cream
boil a short time and use hot on pancakes -
if this is too rich add a cup of white corn syrup.
We like this very much - perhaps you already have it.
Your friend
Esse Brown

This recipe made my mother and I laugh so hard.  I was reading it aloud to my Mom and when I got to the "...if it's too rich" part, my mom was fully expecting me to say "add water."  Instead I said what was on the page "...add a cup of white corn syrup."  I can't imagine that a cup of corn syrup would make this syrup recipe less rich!

What cool old recipes are hiding in your basement?

Have a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

Heehee. I was surprised that the way to dilute the rich syrup was to add more syrup, too. What a treasure trove. When I come to visit you I'll spend a whole evening reading your old recipe box. I remember seeing the picture of scary old Betty Crocker too. Her metamorphosis is amazing. She stays the same age!

Lisa said...

What a great find, and so thoughtful of the old bf to return them to your Mom.

I had some of my grandma's, but I think they ended up back with my Mother. She had originally left them behind when she moved out. I must have returned them to her when we got to talking again years later.

Terri said...

Kristin - how awesome! I love the pictures and the recounting of the memories. What a great surprise. Aren't you glad the ex and his wife didn't toss? Amazing and thanks for sharing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love those jar grippy things. I would think that shortening would work just fine. Love the Betty Crocker photos. Thank you for sharing these. I have a collection that I hope my children have fun going through someday. You can post recipes anytime!

Keetha Broyles said...

I have a magic jar gripper - - - may not be that same company - - - but I USE mine all the time - - - LOVE it.

Mrs4444 said...

Very cool! "Grand," in fact. (What a nice word--I wonder why we don't use it anymore. Maybe I'll bring it back.)

When Grandpa 4444 died, he left 16 cardboard boxes full of recipes cut out of newspapers. (He hoped to put them in a cookbook one day.) Sadly, they all went into the dumpster we rented to purge the house of his "stuff."