Friday, May 20, 2011

The way of the bull

I kept noticing this motorcycle guy sitting on the patio of the restaurant where we had lunch yesterday.  He seemed like quite a character and I wondered if I could possibly get his picture before I left.  As our group finished lunch and moved ourselves to the parking lot, I saw the motorcycle.  I was sure that's what the guy came riding in on, he just had to!

I wonder if he actually wore this helmet or if it's permanently a part of the bike.

Then it happened.  I stepped in gum.  I had chickened out and decided not to ask the motorcycle guy for a photo, but just wanted to quickly get a pic of the helmet and run back to my car.    But the gum stopped me.  I was still standing there, next to his bike with my shoe in my hand when he sat down.

I slipped the shoe back on and asked, "May I take a picture of you on the bike?"  He said sure, but I had to get a picture of the back, too.

When I went to the back of the bike he hollers out, "Do you see the most important part of the bike?"
I said yes and started to laugh (Or more a childish giggle!) and then he said,

"A bull without balls is just a steak."

...and with that he rode off.

I made a note to make sure I told the story!



Ann in the UP said...

One word. Overcompensation.

Bettyann said...

I can't believe you got it! He sure did match the bike. Never a dull minute hanging with you!

Beth Zimmerman said...

What a character! I bet he has some stories to tell!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Very cute! Steak is a good thing, ya know. LOL

Rebecca said...

A bull without balls is just steak. I love it!

Keetha Broyles said...

I've seen those "hanging" from the back of semi trucks too.

Men - - - - they all seem to think alike.


here's a video on how the sartorialist asks his subjects for shots:

Cat said...

Love it!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my oh my that is some story!

Anika said...

Whoa! What a character!! You have some (ahem) balls for asking this guy to take his photo!