Monday, May 02, 2011

Light a Candle

I received this candle and letter from one of my Mother's dear friends, Margaret.  It was such a lovely story that I just had to share.  I so appreciate her including me in the group of friends that have been given a candle.  I was nearly brought to tears when she told me that she wanted to show her appreciation for my work with my Mayo family of transplant patients and caregivers.  The only way she would have gotten the information would have been from my mother.  I think my Momma is proud of me :)

April 25, 2011

Dear Kristin,

This candle has become very special to our family and many of our friends. This candle came into our lives in the fall of 2007 when my daughter Judy’s husband Les was diagnosed with leukemia. At the time of his diagnosis he was told that there was “no cure, but approximately 15% of people in his age group did recover”. That began a very arduous course of treatment for Les and an all out effort on the part of family and friends to support him and Judy.

As the word went out to family and friends the response was incredible. While Judy spent most of her days and nights at the hospital friends came in and cleaned their house, did laundry, shoveled their walk and of course brought in food. People from all over, some who Les knew and some he had never met, sent cards. The messages of love and support touched him deeply. The messages had several themes based on people’s beliefs. Some said “we are praying for you”, other said “we are keeping you in our thoughts” and the Quakers said “we are holding you in the light”.

Inspired by this, our daughter Margaret suggested that we all light a candle everyday and pray for Les or hold him in our hearts. She found these candles and sent one to everyone in the family. Then we started giving them to extended family, neighbors and friends, both near and far. Over the last 3 years we have given these candles to dozens of people. In June of 2008 Les was told he is “leukemia free”.

Over time we and all who have the candles have found many reasons to “light our candles”; for friends and family who are struggling, for people all over the world who are struggling, for greater compassion in the world, for world peace.

This candle is for you in appreciation for the work you do with patients who have organ transplants and their families. I am sure there are many occasions when people need support and this is one way we can support them from a distance.

Love and Peace,



Ann in the UP said...

It is a privilege for you to be included in this loving, supportive group. And it is well deserved, too.

I'm sure your Mom is proud of you! I'm even proud of you!

solo-dancer said...

Yep! love mom

Condo Blues said...

What a lovely story. It's wonderful that they have included you in their circle for all of the wonderful things you do for the transplant community.

jb said...

This made me cry!
There are so many lives that you have touched (mine included) and the Mayo Group is just one extension of who you are...
and today, when so many in the world are experiencing a host of different emotions, this post was just what I needed to read!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful letter. What a beautiful idea they had with their candles. I also love the candle with everyone circled around it.
I am so glad that they honored you with one.

Mrs4444 said...

Beautiful. You're a perfect person to gift the candle to. :)

Lisa said...

Very cool! Well deserved.