Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Towers of Power

I talked about the Towers of Power the other day in my Photo of the Day (POTD) but I took so many photos, I couldn't just stop there.   It's unusual to have two different tower types running side by side.   From my experience if there are two towers they are usually the same shape with a little variation, but these are very different.  I bet they were constructed many years apart - but that's just a guess.

My favorite towers are the ones that look like people with their arms holding onto the lines.   I could probably imagine this as being a person, but there's no singular top that I could pretend to be his head.  He's got a lot of arms, though.  I could use this guy to help me clean the house!

Weathered numbers.  A favorite find of mine!  I might have to come back with a zoom lens to get a larger shot.

I am thinking that the nest on top of this tower is an Osprey nest.  I am not very familiar with Osprey but I do know they build rather large nests very high up.  That's not a lot of fact for this particular observation, but I'm just going to go with it!

I like the shapes and lines in this photo.

Can you imagine climbing up the side of this by stopping on those bolts?  I think I'd probably hyperventilate after just a step or two. 

I'd never make a very good daredevil.

Debby, from Just Breathe,  asked if I heard any noise from these.  I've very aware of the buzzing sound that power lines can make, but these were surprisingly silent. 

Have a great day!


Rebecca said...

I have a friend whose friend is a lineman. He makes repairs and hangs wires just like these. He was recently in California but travels everywhere.

And the bird nest, my favorite! I was thinking Eagle or Hawk.

lisleman said...

I also was thinking maybe an eagle. Power lines are one of those necessary things that are OK in some other's backyard. I would not want to live any where they could come down during a storm.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are all great pictures but I especially like the fifth one. When I was visiting my father I noticed lots of high nests like that. Actually in several area they put a big disks out on top for them to build on.