Monday, May 23, 2011

POTD - Mayo Clinic Windows

POTD - Mayo Clinic Windows
©2011 Kristin Corlett

I love the blue and white skies that are reflected in the windows where I park several times each week.   When I pull into that spot at Mayo Clinic I see these windows reflecting the skies, whatever they may be that day. I want the photo of the day to be interesting, but I also want it to be snippets of every day.  Our lives are filled with beauty and the beautifully mundane. I hope you see the beauty in a reflection, a falling leaf, a sardine can or a dishtowel tossed on the counter.


Photo edited with the BigHugeLabs frame maker.


urban muser said...

the reflection is great, and i love the lines and shapes in this too.

Anika said...

I agree, I like the design the lines create! And the frame...I didn't know that I could do that in BHLabs. Thanks for the info ;)

Ann in the UP said...

Mmmmm-hmmm. Real nice. (I especially love the beauty of the sardine can.) I had a long conversation last Wednesday with a young guy about the value of anchovies. His take on it is that they keep other folks from eating your pizza. I agree that is true. Maybe anchovies and pickled herring are a Scandanavian thing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Very nice. I try to see the beauty but you have the best eye for it!

Bettyann said...

Beautiful, the reflection of the clear blue and the white is outstanding!

Leovi said...

Beautiful and creative shot. Excellent reflections of a beautiful sky in the window. I love it. Greetings.