Friday, March 20, 2009

Annie & Jake

I wanted to talk about Annie and Jake a lot on this blog. I fell head over heels for that family. You can catch up with them here in this post. I got to know them for just a short time before Jake had to go home, but once he got home they only talked to me one more time. I actually didn't find that to be a bad thing - they had a lot going on. I think it was just overwhelming to try to introduce a new person into their lives at that moment. I have sent several emails and a few cards to them since September. I just had to let them know that I was still praying for them.

Today I got this message and it breaks my heart.

I thought he would have more time.

morning........Mr fighter is still with us.......(daughter) and i held his hand and talked with him all night and told stories of us and gave him visualizations of being on lake superior.......he is bitter sweet..... friend, whose house we stayed at over thanksgiving, showed up unannounced this morning at 8 and has taken the day off to help us and take some of the pressure glad she is herre....the hospice nurse who is here has already trained her with all the meds and things and so we get a reprieve...........she said he is close to comatose......still responds some.................

i am lost for words...just wanted to give you a quick update........we know your hearts are hurting as well...........

.....the earliest the funeral will be is wednesday and most likely that will be the day.........(the kids) are trying to find flights during this busy spring break time.........the town's spring break starts friday and many people will leave town and so we want it before then as many want to come............

love you

Please send some prayers of comfort to this family whose hearts are breaking right now. Jake was too fragile to have a second liver transplant. (Edited - he would have needed his 4th transplant. - He had three in short succession but that third one was wonderful for him for several years.) He'll be stronger in Heaven, but he will be missed beyond measure here on Earth. I wish I could go be with them, but I just can't leave, so prayers and a card are all I can give right now.


EDITED: March 21, 2009
He died this morning at 9:30am at home, in peace with family.
The funeral will be Wednesday.
Prayers to you. Prayers to you.


nottryingforaboy said...

I'm so sorry. I will keep them and you in my prayers.

jb said...

My thoughts and prayers are for you and your friends.

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry to hear this sad news..