Monday, March 30, 2009

Repurposing Recycling

I love a great idea & Make Do Monday's hosted by Ann Kroeker is a place where you can certainly find some great ideas on how to make do with what you have. "It’s a carnival you can visit to celebrate creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity," says Ann.

Ann purchased something that came in a great box - so she has reused that into her jewelry box. I don't think I could have tossed away the box either. Speaking of not being able to throw things away. I have a few items I'd like to share with you today.

First up is this rather innocent looking tin. It's an olive oil tin to be exact. I purchased the oil in this tin for a very specific purpose. I needed a trash can to sit on my tiny little rolling laundry cart and I couldn't find a trash can small enough, cheap enough or square enough to put on this little shelf.

I looked for a long time, when one day when I was grocery shopping I saw the olive oil tins. It was going to take me a long time to go through all of the oil in that tin, but I thought it just might be worth it. So I bought it.

It probably took us a year to go through all of the olive oil, but after a few months I transferred the oil to another container...I couldn't wait any longer!

I cut the top off of the can with a can opener and washed the inside carefully with about a teaspoon of liquid dishsoap and a drop of water - this cuts the oil - and then rinsed it real well.


It's a trashcan!

It fits perfectly on my little cart. It holds lint from the dryer like a charm and doesn't ever look like I have a trashcan sitting next to my designer bleach bottle. haha

Another laundry item that I have made-do is this bottle of distilled water. This is a bottle from a small container of dish soap. I have filled it with distilled water and I use it to fill my iron. It doesn't leak and gives a nice controlled stream of water into the iron. It also holds quite a bit of water, so if I'm doing a marathon ironing session I don't have to keep refilling the bottle.

(Normally I put labels on plastic containers that contain liquid, but since this just holds water, I have not labeled it.)

This whole post was inspired by this little gadget. I have always thought the charging stations for cell phones were so cool, but I don't have the counter space or the desire to fork out the money for something that is really not needed. However... When I saw this project at Zakka Life, I just knew I needed to make one.

I haven't yet - I don't have a container that is available right now, but I didn't want that to stop me from showing you all this tutorial. Please click on the link to Zakka Life to see the whole tutorial - it's really so easy.

I hope you have a fabulous Make-Do Monday!

UPDATED: Zakka life has taken down the tutorial because of comments over safety issues. Sigh.


Ann Kroeker said...

These are all so great--you are born for making-do, the way you see second and third "lives" to items originally intended for one purpose. From olive-oil-tin trash cans (brilliant!) to the distilled water in the dishwashing bottle, you've learned to "see."

Leigh of said...

great ideas! I LOVE that olive oil tin too! Clever!

Keetha said...

Oh rats - - - she took DOWN the cell phone holder post due to safety issues. Bummer, I thought that was a great idea too!

Kirby3131 said...

Ya know...I just checked it this morning and it was there. I guess I didn't see all of the negative comments about safety issues - but I've seen a lot of other posts about these handy dandy little cell phone holder/charger things. But this one was the best tutorial.

I saw a post about how to reuse a plastic bag - and someone made this long drawn out, horribly dramatic comment about how the author should have said how dangerous plastic bags are to kids if they put them over their heads. Do we honestly have to have disclaimers for everything. Sigh Sigh.

Thanks Keetha. Now I really wish I would have copied the tutorial.


sunnymama said...

I absolutely love your home-made bin! I think I will have to buy a tin of olive oil and make one now. Thanks for the great idea!