Friday, March 13, 2009

Design for Mankind

Speaking of giveaways...

I entered a giveaway the other day at Design for Mankind that was for a downloadable copy of their magazine Mankind and I won!

I have always enjoyed the blog - it's mostly photos of art and a few words - It's a blog that I don't have to read, I can just enjoy. I like that. Sometimes I like to just treat my eyes. (One of my other favorites for just looking is Big Happy Funhouse, by the way.) The March issue of Mankind magazine is a PDF file, 90 pages in length and if you were to purchase it, is $1.99. I have not purchased the magazine in the past because I had only found the website just a few months earlier and I wasn't sure if the magazine was going to be like the website or if it was going to end up being more "lecture" like - you know, save the earth, vote for this politician, etc. I just didn't want that and as much as I love art, I really dislike being preached to.

THANKFULLY! This magazine is nothing like that. I am so happy that I won the free download - I loved it. I read each word and have gone through and looked at the photos several times. It would have been worth my two dollars, if I had purchased it.

I love looking at the things people create. I am just fascinated. A lot of things that I see I would never have in my home, but I am always interested in the way that people see the world and the colors in it.

I just saw a picture of my cousin that someone took and posted on Facebook. (which I just grabbed and cropped to show only my cousin, Alan) My cousin is standing next to a sidewalk chalk drawing and I found myself mesmerized by the chalk on his clothing...the way the chunks of color could be seen on his jeans. The bright yellows and reds are clearly visible. I could see that he wiped his whole hand on his t-shirt but it looks like he only wiped the tips of his fingers off on his jeans.

I can just get lost in analyzing lol

So Design for Mankind is a place you might enjoy visiting. The magazine is one I will be getting each month now. I no longer have any magazine subscriptions now that my beloved Domino Magazine is no longer being printed. The Mankind magazine won't clutter up my coffeetable and I can open it anytime right here on my computer. I love it. What a fun thing to win.

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to enter my 500th Post Giveaway - here!

Have a Wonderful Wonderful Weekend!!


Keetha said...

I answered your comment over on my blog - - - -


Sharinskishe said...

You are amazing! You can see so much in a picture- I wish I had your insight, for you a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

OK, so I am a bit screwy. I guess that sentence means that a photo can say much more than words. But you find many words to embellish the photo. You make the photos better.

You really are amazing. Thanks for finding me!