Wednesday, March 04, 2009

WFMW - Vitamin E

If you haven't ever checked out Works for Me Wednesday, please do this week for sure. This is the second week that "We Are THAT Family" has hosted this event and we've been asked us to give our very best tip this time around. So the tips should be abundant and hopefully, our best! This week We Are THAT Family is sharing her best meal planning tips and already a hundred people have posted their greatest tips. I'd better hurry to get into the top 200!

I have been saving this tip for awhile because it is truly belongs in the Greatest Tip category.

Here's a story for you.

True story.

My mother had a favorite coffee mug that the handle had broken off of at one point. She decided to glue it back on. This was in the late 70's. No Mighty Putty in those days. She poured just brewed coffee into her repaired mug, came downstairs, sat down on the couch and within an instant the mug fell from the handle and into her lap, of course, spilling hot hot coffee all over her.

Thankfully she just had on a housecoat, so she stripped that off and ran upstairs to get the Vitamin E from the kitchen. As fast as she could, she opened up the capsules (with her teeth) and put the liquid on her burnt skin. A dozen or more capsules were used that night. Within a few minutes she had a lot of relief. It was such a widespread burn that I'm sure she still had some pain, but the Vitamin E really did it's job in helping the skin deal with the burn.

The next day she had a red spot about the size of a quarter that was red and burned. She must have missed that part in her haste. Not a single area blistered from that hot coffee burn. She continued to put Vitamin E on her skin for a few days just in case and especially on that part she missed.

Quite a story, huh?

Our family has lots of success stories when it comes to the healing power of Vitamin E for burns and scrapes. As long as I've lived away from home, I've had a bottle of Vitamin E capsules on the kitchen counter, next to my stove - always. Burn your finger on a pan - grab a capsule, break it open with your teeth (it's really soft and easy) and squeeze a little bit of the E on the burn and the pain just goes away. If you get a steam burn - those are nasty because you can't see them -- immediately grab a capsule and spread a thin layer of the E across the area where the steam hit you. The next day, you shouldn't feel a thing.

Vitamin E also helps burns heal if you haven't gotten to it right away. Put a little on each day. It helps to minimize scarring, too. My sister fell off her bike as a young child and skinned up her face - we put Vitamin E on her as often as possible for a few months and those horrible scars just disappeared.

I dropped my curling iron while I was curling my bangs and burned my eyelid of all things! That one I didn't get to immediately but the injury was fully healed in three days and never left a scar. Of course having sticky vitamin e on my eyelid wasn't the most fun, but it was only for a few hours a day for three days.

Vitamin E is completely and totally amazing. Oh and if you have spent too much time in the sun - remember that old friend? I know it's cold out in a lot of the country, but sun burns are so painful - rub some of that Vitamin E on it and you will find that you will peel a lot less and the pain will lessen considerably.

I hope you have found my tip to be helpful. To find more tips, please visit the WFMW page at We are THAT Family.

Have a fabulous day!

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Keetha said...

My mother was a great believer in vitamin E

Ann Kroeker said...

I've heard of using Aloe in the kitchen for relief, but the Vitamin E sounds like it's even better. They recommended my husband smear it on the scars left from surgery many years ago. I'm going to see if I have any up in the cupboard right now. If so, I'll set them out. Great tip!

Terri said...

I'm 37 and I don't think I've ever bought vitamin E. I could have used some last night when I was using my new gas stove (still not used to it, previously had electric) and left my spatula propped up against the side wall of the skillet. Grabbed it two minutes later and gave myself a nice plastic blister on my palm. Oh it hurts!

Anonymous said...

great idea, I will have to go get some now...


thanks for stopping by my blog as well

Kristen said...

We use it to prevent scarring, too. It's a wonder!

Carrie J said...

Our doctor recommended after my daughter had stitches on her face to help reduce scarring. It seems to have worked well.
Thanks for the nice comment on my WFMW post. You have a cool blog. I've bookmarked it.

Sharinskishe said...

Awesome Tip! I guess I am quite a slacker. I have heard this before, but without the personal testimonial. I think I will have stop on the way home from work and pick up some Vit-E for the emergency packs.

Thanks for a 'Greatest Tip' and thanks for dropping by and visiting me.