Monday, March 16, 2009

MDM - Zippered bags

I love a great idea & Make Do Monday's hosted by Ann Kroeker is a place where you can certainly find some great ideas on how to make do with what you have.

My Aunt sent me a message this weekend with the suggestion that I should talk about these wonderful bags. I'm just going to let her tell you about them. Here's my Aunt Marg...

You know those plastic bags that pillows and sheets come in, with snaps or zippers. Since I've always had 4 bedrooms, plus a pull out couch, plus needing extras for couches when more guests arrive, plus taking the boys off to college, plus nothing lasts forever. I have had a multitude of them.

One of the best uses is for family trips or sending the kids off to summer camp. They make great "DOP" kits (the toiletries and bags that return for camp are generally ready for the trash, or just for consolidating clothing.

I also once bought an underbed plastic container, and used it for storing either extra blankets or, now here's the best idea, wrapping paper/gift bags/ribbons and tissue paper. But it always got caught as I pulled out from the bed (the bed tends to sag over time:) and I always had to dig through all the stuff. I changed to using these bags. The King bags work for rolls of paper, the smaller bags work for gift bags, tissue paper and ribbons. And you can see what you've got!

I can store them in a closet, or still under the bed, and they are easier to access.

Also, you sometimes get dresses or suits in a zippered bag, that hang??? Great for rolls of gift wrap, especially xmas. I stick them in that when I get wrap on sale, and I'm set to go next xmas! I just hang them in the closet. If you've got one bag, voila - large enough!

You can put your tape and scissors in the small bags, and it's all good to go in one fell swoop, rather than searching the house for what you need and then replacing stuff in your kitchen or's now in one place.

And you've used those wonderful bags, and not spent money on the Rubbermaid crates!

Thanks Marg! Thanks so much!

I used these bags to corral my curling irons, but I also used two of these bags recently when I went on vacation. I put all of my vitamins, eye drops, medication, etc in there for an easy see-through toilet kit for myself. I have a bag full of craft punches, shown above.

I have extra washcloths and hand towels in my cabinet for my rental condos - I put those in the zippered bags to keep all the kitty fur that roams around our house off the clean towels.

I have giant zippered bags, too. Those are from the pillows and mattress pads that I have purchased through the years. I put blankets, towels and in some cases, junk, into those large bags.

I love containment!

Thanks Marg for helping me out this week.

Ann Kroeker is talking about her closet this week and I'm sure there will be many others that will be on hand to show how they Make Do with what they have. Be sure and go over and take a look.

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Have a Fabulous Week!


Leila said...

I like those bags to take pillows and blankets and towels on trips. They are really useful for college dorm move-ins as well!

Good post!

Ann Kroeker said...

We use the big sizes for camping--keeps things a little least at the beginning of the trip.

Love how you're reusing them!

Sharinskishe said...

I have always kept these bags too. They come in handy for so many things. I have been amazed at how many people buy their bedding and then throw the empty bag in the trash!!

It makes me cringe and I have to ask if I can have it. I love all the ideas that your aunt sent. I will have to be a better steward of my bags and put them to real use. Most are folded up waiting for the right time to come into action.

I have been hoarding some of them. So thanks to your post, I promise myself that I will now pull them out and use them.

Thanks for sharing.


Marg said...

Yes, Ann, like you said they are great for the beginning of the trip, after that, they are filled with the yucky remnants of soot from the camfire, and all the gunk the little ones can't really keep in the container (they're kids, after all); but using these, you can feel less guilty throwing them out:)

Marg Henry said...

P.S. I just got one last week that has a zipper and a cord handle. The darn thing looks like a mini suitcase. I am wracking my brain for a good use, since it really is too good to stuff under a bed LOL.
And Sharinskishe, I also stuff them in my closet...then once a year when I try to do my spring cleaning (yeah, good luck) I find them and decide I HAVE TO FIND SOME USE FOR THEM:)

sunnymama said...

Great ideas! I use these bags to store puzzles in, you've given me more ideas now. Thanks