Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's my 500th!!



I've reached my 500th post!!

I'm so happy to have all of the friends that I have made in blogland and for being a part of my life. Of course I love comments, but what I love even more is that you make time in your day to be a part of my life.

I love that part of it!

I'd like to share my enthusiasm for reaching such a milestone.

I'm giving away a $25 Target Gift Card to one person. This giveaway will end on Monday March 16th at 12 midnight Eastern Time. One entry per person please. I'll draw the winner on St. Patrick's Day!

Please leave a comment (with your email address please, unless we have emailed before) and let me know what you like best about your local Target Store!

My local Target is brand new, about a year old, and I love the paper section. Paper notes, cards, envelopes, even paper napkins and plates. I love the paper products. I try not to buy any, but I really enjoy looking.

With the $25 Target Gift Card what would you buy?

It's been a wonderful 500. I'm ready for the next 500, are you?!!



Leigh of said...

k, see ya then

Keetha said...

So - - - are those jello cones to celebrate your 500th???

Hehehehehehehe - - - see how my mind works? They look like jello to me.

Rachel said...

Can I play? ...Rachel

Kirby3131 said...

Of course you can play, Rachel :)

Keetha - I never thought of them as being Jello - you are too funny.

For those reading now -- I have deleted the jello looking orange construction cones. They were just a holding spot for when I could come back and announce the GiveAway!

Leigh - Please come back!! :)

Marg Henry said...

You know I read your blog and enjoy it every day...not only because you are my niece, and I love you for that, but I love to feel I am part of YOUR life, and I enjoy your voice! And I love to have you and your sisters and mom in MY life. And so here is my happy Target shopping experience. I have none!!! I haven't been in Target since we moved back here to Indianapolis. (5 years). I have been to Bed Bath/Beyond for linens for beds, but other than that, I have declared a moratorium on spending money on things I don't really need. Target was a place I would always spend at least $50 each time I entered its doors, so, I don't, anymore. Though I could, if I allowed myself:)

jb said...

My fave Target spot? Any Target with you by my side, shopping for nothing...and wanting everything!
These days, I love to look at all of the school supplies and the home decor sections...but endcaps only, where they stock the sale and discontinued items. I find all sorts of goodies for my classroom and kids...on sale!

Sharinskishe said...

My favorite things at Target are the Dollar items. I use the seasonal socks for water bottle/drink covers. (Sometime soon I plan on posting that idea on WFMW or Make-Do Monday.)

I thank you for enlightening me on the proper way to shop. Shopping with a camera! I love it!! I can still see the things that make me smile and not have to deal with where to put them!! You are so smart!!

Thanks for your comments on my Blog and I will get to answering your questions soon.


Amy B said...

Well for me I love to shop Target because it is a store that is not so expensive that I can not afford to shop there but not so cheap that I feel embarrassed that I do shop there..Haha.
Having 4 kids and being sick ..and having some major operations lately I think I might splurge and buy something for me...Yep that even shocks me..ha
Great giveaway..and congrats on the

Mrs4444 said...

Congratulations on your 500 mark! :) What I like about my Target is how clean it is. I also like the Merona line of clothing and the reasonable prices.

Leigh of said...

AWESOME~ Enter me! I have some things I have been eyeing! I am crossing my fingers!

Condo Blues said...

What I like about my local Target is that it's a 3 mile bike ride from my house. When I need a Target window shopping fix, I ride my bike and get some exercise and keep honest about not buying a bunch of stuff because I can't carry it home on my bike!

Condo Blues said...
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"J" said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh - I love Target!!!!! There is NO WAY in this one little comment box I could list all the reason I love Target!!!! =)

#1 - They have a WONDERFUL bridal registry!!!! Mr. "S" and I are going there Wednesday night to complete our registry!!!! =)

#2. - I love their clothes!!!! I went to Target before our trip and STOCKED up on cute shirts (You even know the one from my bachelorette party)!!!! LOVED IT!!!! I had just bought it that day and it's a good thing I did!!!!!

#3. - My swimsuit and cover up!!!! LOVED THEM BOTH!!!! Courtney bought my cover-up from Target and gave it to me at my bachelorette party!!! I went crazy nuts over my swimsuit that I bought for the cruise!!!! I will TRY and post some cruise pics today!!!!!

#4. - I loved Targets "HOME" stuff!!!! Bedding, bathroom, kitchen - they have the BEST decor!!!!!

#5. - FLIP FLOPS!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! If you haven't went in the shoe area - go look for yourself!!!!!! =)

I could keep going on and on (and you know I can) but I will leave some room for other bloggers that would like to enter!!! HA!!!!

Thanks for a GREAT giveaway and CONGRATS on 500!!!!! WOW!!!! That ROCKS!!!!! I'm not even close to 500!!!! Maybe one day!!!!


PS - I'm going to TRY and get a link up today and give you some extra traffic for your ROCKIN cool giveaway!!!!!!

Leila said...

A Target card would be very useful, I must say :)

Thanks for the chance!

wide open spaces said...

me, please! i love me some target.

giants fan said...

over via J at Musings.... count me in, please!