Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ironing Sheets

Sometimes the conversations on Facebook are just a hoot.

Most of you know about my rental condos. But I'll refresh your memory real quick. I rent condos (ones that I own) to people who are going through Heart, Lung or Liver transplants at the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville, FL. I clean these condos after someone moves out and I clean them from top to bottom. I furnish them and make them as nice as possible for the tenants because they've had a really rough few years probably and being in a home-like setting is real nice.

One of my very favorite things is to crawl into a bed with freshly laundered and irons sheets. It is just an incredible luxury that doesn't happen very often to me (because I'd be the one ironing!) but for each new tenant, I iron all 4 sets of sheets that I put in the condo. Two sets go on the beds and two in the closets.

So, the other day, I posted this message as my status on Facebook.

The responses I got from my friends were a hoot and generated MUCH more discussion than I ever dreamed possible.

Kristin Corlett is about to start ironing sheets.

Eric - I like messing them up better!

Amy - you need some kids to visit for a month to snap you outta that habit!

ME - haha! I don't iron the sheets for me, I iron them for my rental condos - so that the sheets in the closet & on the bed look beautiful :)

My sheets on my bed are not ironed LOL

Amy -I was beginning to worry about an ocd thank GOd!

ME - All my OCD issues are in the kitchen LOL I'm watching the Bristol race and Ironing sheets.

If you ever do want to iron sheets, iron them on the bed. It's so much easier than an ironing board.

ME - Eric, I'm sure you would prefer messing them up! haha

Amy - Kitchen OCDS I have a few. Many let go upon being married and certainly having children I just internalize the stress! I think Joes mom irons sheets.

Zonnie - Almost as fun as ironing curtains (nope)

Alicia - you really iron them on the bed!? I never thought of that. But I've never wanted to iron sheets!

ME - Sure do! I am usually ironing 4 sets of sheets all at once, so I put all of the fitted sheets on the bed and then iron everything on top of those. The flat sheets you only have to move a few times to get all sides and by the time you have moved all the way around the bed ironing, the fitted sheets have been ironed by accident lol or at least well enough. If not, I just give it a quick once over with the iron as I take off each fitted sheet and fold it. The last sheet, I leave on the bed :)

I only do it for my rental condos. It's just a nice touch and is so nice for them that first night or two to have ironed sheets.

Jennifer - OMG...Martha Stewart better watch her back...

Jennifer - And that's a good thing!

There ya go -- My fun facebook ironing sheets conversation. I guess it's a HOW-TO post as well. Iron the sheets on the bed. It saves a lot of work trying to use an ironing board.

Well, while I'm at it -- Wash your sheets on fairly gentle and then put them in the dryer for just enough to get them barely dry - take them out, put them directly on the bed or fold them. They will be SO much less wrinkled if you just fold them real quick. If you do iron them on the bed, leave the sheets a teeny bit damp and they will iron up wonderfully.

Have a fabulous day!


Leigh of said...

I recall seeing that on your fb and reading them and getting tickled!

Condo Blues said...

It's still cold at night, so I'm still using my winter flannel sheets. I might try ironing the cotton ones as a spring pick me up the first time I transition over from winter flannel to summer cotton sheets. After that, they'll kept their just grabbed from the dryer wrinkleness.