Friday, March 27, 2009


I have three condos that I rent to transplant patients and for the past year, I have had one consistently left unrented. Sometimes it has been unit 502 and sometimes it has been 504. Several times both 502 & 504 have been empty at the same time, but thankfully that has only been a couple of months.

My tenant Richard lived in my Avanti unit for 14 months and just moved out and moved home about 2 weeks ago. He got the first liver transplant of the new year, so I'm pleased he stayed a few extra months to get really healthy before moving home. I was however, getting fairly nervous about getting my units filled up again.

I seriously, honestly and truly put it out into the universe to send people to me and let me help them and house them. I have been paying the rent and utilities on one of the condos for almost a year now - all of the profits dried up a long time ago - and I'm nearly out of cash. I needed to hand the stress over to someone and just believe that I'd be blessed with tenants.

About 6 weeks ago a man contacted me and within a week he and his wife decided we had the perfect place and moved in. Two weeks ago Richard moved out. I now had one full and two empty. The day after Richard left I received 4 phone calls for housing and one email. The person in the email asked if they could move in on the 25th to the unit that Richard just left. Yes I said, YES! The people who called weren't right for my location so I gave them a list of other places to try that would be better for them. About 10 days ago I showed my last unit to a couple. She loved it, he wasn't sure. Since he was sick, she let him choose and he chose a hotel. I made sure to tell her to call me back if he changed his mind.

Yesterday he changed his mind.

Today they moved in.

I am so excited. I am so happy!

To say I needed the money is an understatement, but mostly I like to be able to help other transplant patients and the caregivers.

Having all the units rented, however, helps me to focus on the people renting and not on trying to figure out how to pay for everything.

Big Huge Sigh of Relief.



Keetha said...

Oh, I'm soooooo glad they are all rented!!!

Now, I noticed you said "helping OTHER transplant patients"

Does that mean you have also had a transplant? (See, I'm having to learn all this stuff - first the goat story and now this - since I'm fairly new around here!!!)

Kirby3131 said...

Hi Keetha!

My husband had a liver transplant December 23, 2005. We lived in Daytona Beach at the time and moved to Jacksonville, FL to be close to the Mayo Clinic where he had the surgery and where all of his doctors are located.

You can read about my condos and the reasons why we purchased the condos here --

We have helped Liver, Lung and Heart transplant patients for the past three years. My goal is to help make their stay a lot less stressful.

It was nothing I would have ever dreamed of doing, that's for sure - but here I am!

Leigh of said...

God puts people before us in his time, when it is right. So glad that it all worked out. I know that is a great relief to you.

Keetha said...


My cousin had a heart transplant when she was 35, then lived to be 54 or so.

Sharinskishe said...

Hiya! I am sooooo happy for you!

I also do believe that when we do all we can do and then turn it over to God that our 'personal miracles' will happen.

You are doing a great work helping those who are having huge health issues. You are an angel to them I am sure. You (as a couple) have been there and know what these people are feeling and what needs they have.

You can impart of your knowledge and wisdom and help this challenge of their life go more smoothly.

You are special.