Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Paper and Tags

I use Google Reader as a way to make my blog reading easier. I can immediately see if a new entry has been posted and I can read at my leisure if I'd like. Well, while I was away on my fabulous trip home to kiss my nieces and hang out with the rest of my family, my blogging friends were busy writing and posting. I had over 1200 blog posts to read if I wanted to catch up.

In order to save my sanity I clicked that magical button.

Mark All as Read


Instantly I was back to normal mode.

What a relief. I love all my blogging friends but 1200+ is too much to even contemplate.

I have been stopping by some blogs, that are mostly pictures, this evening. I don't want to tax my brain too much after spending the day traveling.

One of the fun blogs I read is called Folding Trees. This week they have free downloads for some fun wrapping paper (I'm loving the polka dots) and gift tags (Those snowflakes are fabulous!) They look wonderful! I don't think I have any more gifts to give this year, but I may just print off a sheet of both, just in case I decide to make some cookies for my neighbors.

I'm heading off to bed to dream about being in a warmer climate than Michigan. I'll dream that my feet aren't cold. I'll dream about not wearing a coat.

I haven't even gone to bed and my dream has come true!
Hope you are happy, healthy and warm.


Denita said...

Hey girl,

Stopping in from SSS! Thank you sooo....much for sharing the link to Folding Trees...OMG I am so in LOVE with their sight!! Being a scrapbooking I of course want to make ton's of the things I saw!

Hope you have a great Holiday!!

Kirby3131 said...

You are going to love that site! It is just fun stuff found throughout the world wide web - but it is 99% paper related.

Enjoy! So glad you stopped by.