Monday, December 15, 2008

Dr. Visit

I went to the doctor today for my check up on my Diabetes and to get a pat on the back for doing so well. I have been so proud of myself. I've gotten my diabetes to a manageable level in less than 3 months after diagnosis.

But...That didn't happen.

I weighed the exact same as I had the last time (although on my scale I was 4 pounds lighter) and so he started talking to me about food addictions. That he wished there was a pill for weight loss and that I'd need that pill because of my addiction to food. Then he started telling me that in the time since he has become a diabetic, his cravings for sweets has increased and I nodded telling him that I've started chewing gum to help that craving. He told me that he eats ice cream.


Yes, he eats ice cream and his insulin pills keeps his blood sugar down enough that he can do that.

I told him that I couldn't possibly do that and I don't. I haven't had ice cream since... I can't even remember when. Last year maybe?

Then he told me that if I can't control my food addictions then I need to seriously consider lap band surgery. I just nodded at him and let him talk, but I had totally tuned out. I was thinking about where I could find another doctor and how long it would take to get that project accomplished.

Then he sent me off to the lab to get some blood work done. I have shallow veins and getting blood from me is a real art form. I was stuck three times and not a drop of blood was received. I have a huge lump on one of my arms. I'm going to have to hydrate real well for a day or two and go back.

I called my husband when I finally left the doctors office and started sobbing. It wasn't anything like I had imagined.

My blood sugar levels for the past month have been incredible. I've been able to lower my night time insulin by 20 units, from 50 units to 30. This is all because I have figured out how to eat properly to keep my sugar levels below 100. my goal is to never have my sugar levels go above 90 and I've been doing real well with that.

This was not discussed.

So, is Christmas time a bad time to start looking for a new doctor?

Hope you have a better day than I've had. Mine is looking up though - my husband is doing dishes in the other room, something he only does when I'm out of town for a few days. Thanks Tom.

I'm not going to let this affect the rest of the day. I had to let it out though. So I'm done. I'm putting on a smile - see? :o)

Thanks for listening.


Marg said...

Hey sweetie, I'm sure I told you (if not you then Alison) that when I heard his comment about you finding out info on the internet rather than him, I was completely turned off by this doctor. You need to find someone else as soon as you can. And don't be hurt by his inhumanity. That's his problem, not yours.

country girl said...

You need to get a new doctor that views you as a person not a list of health issues. What an insensitive person. Lapband surgery is a risky procedure. I can't believe he would say that.

Kelli said...

You need to find a new doctor immediately! If not sooner! For a doctor to tell you to that he uses his meds to offset the damage he does with his food intake is so very wrong! My brother does that and his diabetes is so out of control it's not funny. His last A1C was over 9. That alone is enough to tell anyone that doing that is unhealthy and flat out dumb! It might take you a while but start doctor shopping until you find someone you like, someone that will listen, and let you have a say in your treatment.

"J" said...

That is total BS! I would sooooooooooooooo find another doctor!!!! You are NOT BIG enough to have lap band! That is NUTS!!!! He can't even say GOOD job for getting your #'s down? What a JERK!!!!


I'm glad you put a smile on your face! What a sweet Tommy Boy for doing the dishes!!!! =)

Jennie said...

Hello! Now that you have discovered my identity I can leave you a comment. (I'm your stocking stuffing secret santa.)

You should definitely find a new doctor. I have diabetes too and it really sounds like your doctor isn't handling you right at all. You should be praised for getting your numbers down! And especially for using less insulin! Good for you!

Denise said...

OH, OH, DEAR! I just left you a message asking how you were! Good job for you for reducing your insulin and keeping your levels under 100. You ARE doing VERY well. The man (the little s--t) clearly is not listening, does not know to whom he speaks, and to tell someone who he says is food addicted to eat ice cream (specially when that item is not being craved) is a bit ridiculous. I wish you great success in finding a new doctor. Lap band, aaaarrrrgh.

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks everyone.

Thank you all so much.

I have a months supply of insulin, so I hope to have a new doctor by the time I need a new supply.

On a bright note, I went shopping today and bought a size smaller clothing than I had before. That was certainly a nice boost to the day.