Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twelve Giveaways

My husband is making a turkey for dinner tonight. Not the whole turkey, but the turkey that has the bones and the breast. Sort of a half turkey. Well, it isn't cooking as fast as he'd like and I'm about ready to eat the mail I'm so hungry. So, I thought that I'd go see all of the posts on my blog reader while I was waiting. I've only got 475 new posts waiting for me.

One of my first stops was a DING DING DING a winner! and that is Design Mom.

Design Mom is linking up with Twelve individual blogs who are all having a fabulous giveaway. It's the Twelve Days of Christmas! There are ornament storage boxes, fun cuff links that look like Legos, $150 to a pastry shop and nine more delightful giveaways. There is actually a 13th giveaway, but you have to BLOG about the giveaways and link back to Design Mom! She's sneaky!

I always love a good giveaway. I have yet to win anything, but participation really is half of the fun.

OK, back on task - The 13th item is stationery. I would do just about anything for some nice stationery. So I'm blogging and I'm linking. Click here to go to Design Mom's website. Then click on the pictures to go to the individual giveaways or scroll down the page to see the description of each giveaway on Design Mom's site. You can enter the Twelve seperate giveaways through Monday, December 15th at midnight PST.

Hey, is that turkey done yet?


Ok, well, I'm going to go sign up for some giveaways.

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"J" said...

Good Luck to you!!!! =) I need some Christmas storage boxes really really bad!!!! I'm off to enter too!!!
Thanks for the info!!!!