Monday, December 08, 2008

Stella and Zora

I have just been watching Christmas movies this evening and never once thought about what I was going to write tonight. In fact, I was a little surprised that I didn't have one written this morning. I swear I was on the computer all morning. Just what in the heck I was doing, I have NO idea!

I did spend some time looking at the photos of the kids (nieces.) I even cropped them for the blog. But somehow I forgot to post them and talk about how adorable they are! I wouldn't be the greatest Tottie around if I didn't brag about my nieces, now would I? (Tottie is Auntie in Zora speak. Now that she can say Auntie, Tottie is still the preferred name. I like Tottie.)

This is Stella just a few hours after she was born. She that open mouth? She loves to hang out like that. Open mouth, arms and legs flapping. She is such a hoot.

Here is Stella with Tottie Hillary. I have a whole sequence of pictures of Stella and Hillary and each one is the same. Stella is just bouncing in Hillary's arms in each frame.

Stella loves her Daddy's kisses. She squeals with delight when he smooches on her neck.

This is Zora and her cousin Josh. While I was in town we had lunch with the cousins and the kids and the parents. Family. It was all family. Jim even got to come join the fun. I only took pictures of the kids. This was one of the only pictures of Zora that I got the entire time I was home. She never sat still long enough, I guess.

This is Stella at that same luncheon. She was sitting on the table and she just turned and looked at me. I think she was looking at all of the crazy peope at the table!

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