Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fried and Toast

It died.

Last night.

There were grinding sounds.

I turned it off and went to bed.

This morning there was nothing.


My MAC was dead. I've had it less than a year.
(It is still under warranty and I have the Apple Protection Plan)

So I went online (using my PC) and scheduled an appointment with the Apple service dept. Thankfully we have an Apple store just a few miles from where I live. I got an appointment for 3pm this afternoon. The very nice tech guy started it up, then hooked up something and then sighed and looked at me. He then said..."The hard drive is fried." "Have you backed up all of your information?" Funny thing is, I don't keep any info or documents on that computer, so my answer was yes. Yes, I have all my info backed up. I had about 100 photos on that computer, but as luck would have it, I loaded them all into my photobucket account just yesterday afternoon.

So, they have to order a new harddrive. It should be here in a day or so. I should have the computer back for sure by the middle of next week.

My PC has needed to go into the shop for months now, but I haven't done it. I really wish I had, because now I have to slog along with this slow monster. My PC also kicks our router offline. It happens every hour or so while the computer is on. Talk about annoying!

I think the electronic equipment in this house knows that Christmas is coming. Our DVR has been kicking off channels at a rapid rate. We had lost several of our movie channels and at $$$ per month to subscribe, by golly I expect to get them. So I called Comcast and they sent someone over today.

The DVR tuner was slowly dying. (It was toast)

The Comcast guy switched out the DVR to a brand new one and he even changed something in the panel to increase the quality of the picture. It now looks FAB!

The downside to getting a new DVR is that all of the movies I had taped are now gone. I have favorite movies that I watch over and over again and now they have left with the old DVR. sigh sigh

So that's my electronics saga. One replaced and one in the shop.

Have a great day!


Leigh said...

I thought I heard taps playing...

"J" said...

The love of technology!! lol

What can live with out it!!! =)

Denise said...

Y-OH Boy! french toast!