Friday, December 12, 2008

The Ornament Swap part II

Megan over at Three Time Mommy was my Swap partner in the Secret Ornament Swap. She was the very lucky recipient of the ornaments that I chose.

She finally got all of her packages.
That was a process. (only because I ended up making it a process!)

I sent the first one out and totally forgot to send a note or card or something! Just the gift, in a Christmas Penguin bubble wrap envelope I got at the post office in Michigan. The rest of the ornaments that I had already purchased were in Florida. I was just going to mail it all together when I got back home, but saw that the deadline to send was Dec. 1st.

So, I sent what I had, which was one small Pear ornament. The Pear came from MudPuppy (you can find them on Etsy.) It is just the cutest thing! I was behind in my ordering, so I had this item shipped directly to my Mom's house, so it would be there by the time I arrived. I gave pears to my sisters and my mother, too. I'd love to have a whole bowl of these! But I won't lol I'll just stick to one that I put on the tree.

The Snowflake is out of stock now, but came from NestaUsa also an Etsy store. Do you recall a post I did awhile back about some really great packaging? Click Here. It was from this Etsy shop. You can see the pacckage in the background of the picture, but I didn't notice it before. I guess I wasn't paying attention!

and the acorn came from Pottery Barn. I don't see it on their website at all - so maybe it sold out as well. Guess I got some pretty popular gifts if they are all sold out. (I originally wrote Souled -- that was funny! )

Thanks so much to Julie at Abbilyeverafter she did such a wonderful job getting this activity together. I had a great partner in Sam, from England. The ornament she sent me was written here and her blog is located here. I had a lot of fun with Megan's gift, too.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and I found a lot more blogs that have caught my interest.

Have a fabulous day!


Sam said...

woohoo, more ornaments!!! I am still waiting for mine...and have just discovered that it was posted round about Thanksgiving!! Hopefully it will get here soon!

Leigh said...

OK, based on what you gave...I am signing up for this next year (remind me, k?) and pray that you get me as your partner. WHat great loot you gave! I am so jealous of the recipient! Great ornaments!

Kirby3131 said...

I had a lot of fun with this one. I could give what I really loved and hoped that my recipient would love it too

Oh Sam, it just must be torture to have to wait so long!

Leigh, I'd love to get you in a swap. I'd have a blast.

Sam said...

by the way, I tagged you today for seven things about you on my blog!!